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Alarms & Receivers

Carp Fishing Alarms

Fishing alarms have come a long way since they were first introduced to the fishing scene some time ago. Now we have modern technology to thank for some of best carp alarms anglers have ever used.

Alarms allow anglers to leave their rods out, happy in the knowledge that they are now free to carry out other tasks, such as rig making, cooking or simply relaxing without having to stare at a quiver tip or a hanger on the line.

Of course, carp alarms really come into their own after dark, allowing overnight anglers to get some much-needed rest without having to sit up all night waiting for that all important bite. Anglers can sleep soundly knowing that the noise of their alarms will wake them if anything fishy occurs!

Fishing alarms basically fall into 2 categories. Remote and non-remote alarms.

Fishing alarms with a remote or receiver are more and more common with many companies utilising a wireless receiver that ‘talks’ to the fishing alarms and if the alarm beeps it is instantly transmitted to the receiver in your bivvy, alerting the angler to whatever is going on!

Non-remote alarms are the more traditional style of alarm that do not feature a remote or receiver, the angler relies on the fishing alarm to emit the noise when those sneaky carp pick up your bait!

Some brands allow the angler to purchase alarms then add a receiver at a later date, handy if you are new to the sport and want to build your tackle up slowly to save money.

The vast majority of fishing alarms allow the angler to customise the settings on their alarms to consider volume, sensitivity and even the tone of the beeps being emitted, clever stuff!

Basically, the more money you spend, the more features will be available to you. In today’s modern technological world however, all of the fishing alarms and sets of alarms sold by Total Fishing Tackle are of the highest quality for their price and are packed with features!

Fox, Nash and Gardner's ATTS lead the way in the technology stakes, but Delkim alarms have certainly stood the test of time with simplicity being the key.

TF Gear, Prologic, Saber, Wychwood, JRC and Sonik all produce very good fishing alarms with receivers and with prices starting at £49.99 for a complete set, there really something for everyone.