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Best Fishing Bait For Coarse Fishing, Coarse Fishing Bait

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1-96 of 113

One of the essentials that can’t be forgotten when you go coarse angling is coarse fishing bait, because how else are you going to persuade the fish to your hook? Even if you have spent a good fortune on top of the range angling tackle, if you don’t have enticing coarse fishing bait, it’s a complete waste of money! Coarse fishing bait comes in a number of categories, including boilies, particles, liquids, pellets, artificials, dead baits and groundbaits, so choosing the right one to use is essential, which is why we are here to help! At Total Fishing Tackle, we stock the finest fishing bait, so you can buy the best fishing bait for coarse fishing, along with your tackle, all in one place.


Groundbait, typically used in coarse fishing, is used to target specific types of fish species. As an angler, you can add additives to the groundbait to change the firmness of the coarse fishing bait, which will control the breakdown of the bait in the water. So, what’s groundbait made up of? The natural ingredients include breadcrumbs, vanilla sugar, maize, fishmeal and hemp seeds, which are turned into balls after having water added to them.

Fishing Pellets

After groundbait, fishing pellets are a second favourite bait for seasoned anglers. Fishing bait comes in a range of colours, sizes and shapes, which can be overwhelming when deciding which pellets to use when you go angling. We stock the fishing pellets that are top of the range and will get you the best results; Catfish Pro, Hinders, Sonubaits and Mainline all produce a range of different type of fishing pellet, so you can use one that is ideal for the type of fish you are looking to attract.

What’s The Best Fishing Bait For Coarse Fishing?

When it comes to coarse fishing, anglers can use a number of baiting tactics, but what’s the best fishing bait for coarse fishing? Using surface baits, such as floating pellets allow the fish to rise to the surface, which is great for the adrenaline rush! Using the right pellets for the fish at the venue you are at will make your trip more worthwhile. Some fishing pellets are more effective than others, and a constant flow of food is sure to help you find a prize-worthy catch! If you want to catch a big barbel, then the best fishing bait for coarse fishing is to use boilies. The average size of the catch will increase by using this coarse fishing bait, which is great for capturing that perfect picture!

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At Total Fishing Tackle, we stock all the top coarse fishing bait brands, including Hinders, Catmaster, Drennan and Dynamite, which all have coarse fishing bait in different forms, so you can make your decision depending on the specific factors, including the fish and venue. For more information about the different coarse fishing bait that we stock and finding the right one for your angling trip, get in touch with our experienced anglers, who will be able to advise you.