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If you’re an angler who likes to spend a lot of time on the bank waiting for that big carp to bite, a decent pair of waders becomes ever more necessary to make your fishing trip as comfortable and successful as possible. Here at Total Fishing Tackle we have a wide range of fishing waders for sale to fit all angler sizes and styles.

Quality Fishing Waders

All our fishing waders have been specifically picked with high quality and resistance in mind, with all fishing waders being designed and manufactured specifically for  carp fishing. Not to mention, all our quality chest waders for fishing are accompanied with custom enhanced soles enabling all anglers a sturdy grip on the bank, whatever the bed type be it clay, silt weedy or clear. Our fishing waders, or chest waders as commonly known, are also 100% waterproof and sealed all the way from the bottom of the sole up to the top of the chest line. So don’t be afraid to get right in and get that extra distance when playing or netting a fish, with our fishing waders you can rest assure they are going to last the distance on the bank. All of our fishing waders are designed for comfort and durability, with a unisex style made for both men and women

We have many keen anglers here at TFT and wouldn’t stock any fishing waders we wouldn’t wear ourselves! That’s why we’ve hand picked the very best fishing chest waders on the market, from the leading brands in the industry including; Vass, Daiwa, Prologic, Trakker, Fox and Imax all for a range of purposes to suit all anglers fishing styles.

Neoprene Chest Waders

We supply fishing waders from a range of different materials designed specifically for seasonal changes and fishing purposes. When it comes to winter, our neoprene fishing waders are made to be more fitted with great stretch ability allowing for maximum usability when your round the bankside or wading out into the lake. The fitted design of neoprene waders accompanied by the insulated material makes them even more suited to fishing for carp in the winter. Many of our neoprene chest waders also come as multi layered with double foot pocket and flap design for extra convenience. Not to mention the cleat sole or studded for extra grab of tough terrains.

Breathable & Lightweight Chest Waders

When it comes to fishing in the summer, your going to want a decent set of chest waders that are as breathable and lightweight as possible. Don’t worry we have just that! Our breathable waders are made from heavy duty nylon still giving the lightweight edge, but with the extra bit of wear and tear protection. Our lightweight fishing waders also come as thigh waders, the most convenient waders for anglers that want something quick and easy to slip on when a fish is approaching the bank!

If you would still like further information on our fishing waders, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service staff with any queries you may have. Our dedicated team are equipped to assist with the many years of angler experience between them. Should you wish to complete your angling outfit, why not explore the full carp fishing clothing range on our site.