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Fishing Suit Range

Your clothing choices will make all the difference on the bank this is why a waterproof fishing suit is so important. The right clothing choice will give you the staying power to land a new PB or stick out the weather that scares all the other competition away. All in one suits come in many shapes, sizes and combinations of materials. Like baits, it’s an angler’s personal choice of what they prefer, but an all in one fishing suit is designed to provide unrivalled warmth and comfort.

Modern technology also means they are more convenient than ever; with the introduction of smart materials you can get a one-size-fits-all suit that does everything; keeps you warm, dry and breathes – you just have to focus on landing your carp!

Bib and brace all in one fishing suit offer maximum flexibility as they can be worn on their own for upper body freedom. This is perfect for the fair-weather angler who is sceptical about the conditions or during chilly shoulder seasons. You can wear normal clothing or a thermal layer underneath or layer jumpers over the top, depending on the conditions. Alternatively, pair bib and brace suits with a matching coat over your fishing suit for heavy duty protection. Bib and brace all in one suits add an extra layer across the midriff so that you stay protected even when you’re moving around.

For extra convenience, opt for bib and brace all in one suits with a central zip that will prevent you from undressing when you need to use the facilities or remove a layer!

In the UK, you’re never guaranteed good weather, so stowing a lightweight fishing suit, all in one suit or waterproof set into your kit bag is always a good idea! Vass have thought about exactly that and have designed their Packaway set with that in mind. With 400wp water resistance and a storm hood, this style of suit is easy to slip on when the heavens open and the bite alarm is going off. It is also quick to dry out and easy to pack up again!

Waterproof Fishing Suit & Floatation Suits

Primarily designed for sea fishing, floatation suits are heavy duty and have perfect waterproofing. Floatation suits offer all the comfort and convenience of other all in one suits, but with added extras for improved safety when sea fishing. A floatation suit will have integrated or hidden buoyancy-aids that help keep an angler afloat should they fall into the water. Premium models, like the IMAX CoastFloat suit, also have a safety whistle attached to call attention to a situation when required. This all in one fishing suit is also a two-piece which means even if you are just wearing one item, you are in safe hands!

We never like to think of the situations you might need a floatation suit, but we know that it’s better to have one! Heavy duty two pieces or all in one suits are just as important for protecting an angler’s health and wellbeing; the Preston Thermal Suit will hold your body heat inside with storm cuffs and a high fleece-lined collar. The padded pockets in your all in one fishing suit will warm your hands and keep your fingers agile. Heavy duty suits are ideal for the extremely committed angler who is not perturbed by the weather!

Thermal All In One Fishing Suit

There’s nothing worse than being cold at the bankside. We’ve all underestimated the weather once or twice before, resulting in chilly bones, soggy clothes and a poor performance. A thermal all in one suit or smart technology second skin fishing suit options are perfect for wearing under your waterproofs! They even make wearing oilies or a waterproof fishing suit more comfortable, but the best thing is they are guaranteed to keep you toasty so you can stay nimble enough to land your catch!

The Nash ZT Polar all in one suit is perfect for stay snug and is a necessity for the keen night fisher. The thin, smart material is breathable but has an improved thermal performance, without being heavy and thick – perfect for impressive mobility and those midnight dashes when your bight alarm is going off! In addition to this, it can be worn under a waterproof fishing suit should the weather take a turn.

Alternatively, if you prefer more options you can opt for the Preston Hoody and Jogger combo. The smart design means you get 2 products for the price of one, as you can zip the garments together when the weather gets really chilly or unzip the two for ultimate flexibility. Smart products like this minimise the equipment you have to pack (and carry) for a weekend on the bank! We all like to be prepared but this cleverly engineered all in one fishing suit is the best of both worlds!

There’s an all in one waterproof fishing suit for every situation and every angler! We can help you prepare for the change in the seasons and ensure you stay comfortable enough to stick it out and catch something big! Get in touch for more information on any all in one suit or clothing products!