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Predator Fishing Bag Range

It’s important that your predator fishing luggage is sturdy, durable and made from premium quality material to ensure that your angling tackle remains dry, clean, safe and secure. Therefore, at Total Fishing Tackle, we only stock the best predator fishing bag and luggage collection, so you don’t need to look anywhere else for your angling tackle; from boat bags, fishing bags and tackle boxes. Browse our extensive range of predator fishing luggage to find what you need.

Boat Tackle Storage

Keeping your tackle safe and being able to carry it around with ease is essential, especially when it comes to boat tackle storage. Our collection includes the Savage Gear Waterproof Rollup Boat and Bank 40 litre, which is easy to roll up and close quickly. If you’re a boat or kayak angler, this waterproof boat bag can hold a lot of gear for the perfect day angling, whilst keeping everything dry.

If you’re having a space problem in your boat and need boat tackle storage as well as a waterproof boat bag, the Korum Snapper Floating Bank and Boat Sling is ideal to be used for unhooking, retaining and weighing big predators. This sling features a fish-friendly rubber mesh on the inside, as well as soft waterproof lining and webbing loops for the scales. At the end of the sling are EVA foam pieces and the boat tackle storage floats. This handy piece of predator angling luggage works well with the waterproof boat bag in our range.

Predator Fishing Luggage

Our predator fishing luggage range also includes a variety of products from leading brands, such as Catfish Pro, Korum, Daiwa and Savage. Available at competitive prices, all the luggage in the collection is suited for keeping tackle dry and clean whilst you travel to your venue. The PikePro Gear Bucket has a fully seamed-sealed design and is made from hard-wearing waterproof PVC-Tarp, which sets it aside from other bags. This predator fishing bag is easy to carry and allows you to take spare clothing, tackle, batteries and even mud weights to your chosen angling venue, so you don’t have to leave any essentials behind.

The Daiwa -Prorex -Roving Shoulder Bag is a popular choice with many predator anglers. The robust should bag has a hard-outer shell that offers protection from damage and a padded shoulder strap to ensure that carrying the bag is comfortable, even with a heavy load. We also stock a lot of Fox Rage luggage for predator anglers, including the Fox Rage – Rucksack. With a large capacity storage, the rucksack features a large central storage area that is fully loaded with boxes, as well as other storage compartments and rod holders, allowing you to take all the essentials with you on your angling trip. What’s more, with the hard-wearing material and heavy-duty zips, you can be sure that all your tackle is safe and secure in this versatile rucksack.

If you would like more information about any of our predator fishing bag and luggage range, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Total Fishing Tackle, today.