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Carp Nets

Fishing Nets

Picture the scene: You’re up to your knees in cold, chilly water; the fight is over, and the fish is beaten. Attached to your carp fishing rod  or fishing pole is the one you’ve been waiting for, the only one in the lake you haven’t caught, your very own white whale! You lean forward with your carp net to scoop up your new personal best. In it goes, job done!

Modern fishing nets have come a long way in recent years. Older models had fibre glass handles that are prone to squashing and break when they experience weight. They are heavy which can be exhaustive, and even the spreader blocks were inclined to give way.

These days, fishing nets are made from stronger, specially engineered carbon materials and many net handles are now made from materials you would usually see in the construction of fishing rods themselves. This means the net has improved strength and durability and has shed some weight, improving the angler’s experience. The Solar Bow Loc Net is a great example of a modern net; the unique, one touch spreader block makes set up quick and really easy. These nets are perfect for catching your personal best and heading back to your carp bedchair for some well earnt rest.

Carp Fishing Nets

Carp nets traditionally come in two sizes: 36-inch and 42-inch. Fishery rules will largely dictate the size of the net you need - but if there’s even a small chance of landing a 30lb whopper, then we say go for a 42-incher! If you tend to fish in higher stocked commercial fisheries where fish sizes are likely to be much smaller, then a 36-inch net will be more than adequate. Again, check the rules of your fishery or club to make sure you don’t get caught out.

More Fishing Nets

Of course, there are even bigger fishing nets available for those who target catfish. Catfish can grow very large, and that’s when you’ll probably find that a 50-inch net may be the way to go. Generally speaking, many fisheries supplying catfish insist on carp nets that are a minimum of 42-inches or bigger.

Total Tackle also supply landing nets with shorter handles or with handles that can be assembled from a smaller two pieces. These are perfect for anglers who use boast or who want a handle that folds down for easier transportation and versatility. A handle of about 6ft in length is the standard size and will suffice the majority of the time. A net float will also safely ensure you don’t lose your net if it is dropped in the water.

Top tips from the enthusiasts at Total Tackle is to look into stink bags or net bags. Adding these to your kit bag will help contain the fish in you net, so you won’t have to wrestle with your catch whilst trying to find your camera equipment at the same time.

If you fish in areas that have shallow waters, a deep mesh is more likely to get caught on the bottom and create all sorts of problems for you. Likewise, if the margins are deep enough and you regularly fish alone, a deeper mesh will allow you to safely leave the fish to recover in the net whilst also giving you a chance to take a breather and get the camera equipment ready!

Fishing is an exciting thing – we know it is; we wouldn’t do it otherwise! At Total Fishing Tackle, we have everything you need to increase your catches if you’re an experienced angler, or even just starting out. We’ve got you covered wherever you like to be, whether you’re tackling carp or course fish out at sea. An important thing to remember is to keep your nets clean to ensure you are not transferring any diseases between fisheries or lakes. We have cleaning products to ensure your favourite spots don’t get wiped out by an contaminated net.

As always, if you have any questions regarding landing nets or anything else to do with fishing, then get in touch – we love to talk all things fishing related and are here to help you get the most of your favourite hobby.