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Carp Fishing Nets

The fight is over, and the fish is beaten. In front of you is the one you have been waiting for. The new personal best, the only one in the lake you haven’t caught, the biggest in the pond, you reach forward with the net and in it goes, job done!

The landing net has come a long way in recent years, the fibre glass handles were prone to being squashed and broken when stood on, weighed quite a bit and the spreader blocks were also prone to giving way.

Luckily composite materials have largely taken over and many net handles are now made from materials you would usually see in the construction of fishing rods themselves. What this gives the angler is added strength, durability and lightness. Perfect for scooping up that personal best that you have spent all season trying to catch!

Carp nets traditionally come in 2 sizes, 36 inch and 42 inch. Fishery rules will largely dictate the size of net you need but if there is chance of a 30lb carp then go for a 42-inch net. If you tend to fish higher stocked commercial fisheries where the size is likely to be much lower, then a 36-inch net will be more than adequate. Again, check the rules of your fishery or club to make sure you don’t get caught out,

Of course, there are much bigger nets available, for those who target cat fish or have them in the lakes they fish then a 50-inch net may be the way to go and generally many fisheries with cat fish insist on a minimum of 42-inch but preferably bigger.

Some landing nets are now available with shorter handles or 2-piece handles. These are perfect for those anglers who use boats or want a handle that packs down smaller for ease of transportation.

A handle of about 6ft is the standard length and will cover 90% of situations, if you regularly use long zig rigs then a longer handle will make landing fish easier, especially if you are fishing alone.

Another consideration is the depth of the landing net mesh itself. If you fish venues that have shallow margins then a deep mesh is likely to get caught on the bottom and give you all sorts of problems, likewise if the margins are deep enough and you regularly fish alone then a deeper mesh will allow you to safely leave the fish in the net to recover and also give you a chance to take a breath and get the camera equipment ready!

If you have any questions regarding landing nets then get in touch, as always we are here to help!