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For the battle between man and sea, you must be well equipped. Sea fishing can be a challenging and demanding experience, it is, of course, also incredibly rewarding. To ensure you are prepared to take on the volatile conditions of the sea, browse Total Fishing Tackle's selection of sea fishing rods and accessories.

Whether you are chasing bass, bream or conger eels, fishing in the ocean is an experience like no other. Our selection of fishing equipment ensures you always get the catch of the day and your fishing trip will be a memorable one. Whether you are waiting for the summer months or battling beaches in winter, we’re confident we can help you reel in the best equipment for whatever your trip entails.

Using high-quality tackle is always recommended but is particularly important in sea fishing due to the corrosive nature of saltwater. It is important, therefore, to use only excellent sea tackle to ensure your equipment can endure the conditions of sea fishing. Total Fishing Tackle has a selection of sea tackle which work effectively in deep waters, so you have complete peace of mind whilst sea fishing. We know sea fishing can be an adrenalin rush and you need to be able to depend on your equipment – a poor fisherman blames his tools.

As most fishermen know, the worst weather can bring the best fish. As such it is important to have the right sea fishing tackle to be able to face adverse weather conditions. A thermal jacket is vital to ensure you stay warm and comfortable whilst fishing, and brands such as IMAX and Daiwa both offer durable, waterproof jackets ideal for sea fishing. Alternatively, full body flotation suits are available for individuals who prefer an all in one suit.

In terms of sea fishing tackle, having the right rod is essential. Total Fishing Tackle are proud to offer a selection of the finest sea fishing rods on the market, with select rods from brands like Shakespeare, Penn, Icon, Greys and Spro, to name a few. Whether you opt to fish on a boat or on the beach, the right rod will improve the agility and accuracy of your fishing experience. Most seasoned fishermen will have a rod style of preference as the individual design of each rod is optimised for different locations. For example the Shakespeare Ugly Stik is ideal for kayak fishing while the Shakespeare Agility 2 FS Surf Rod is better suited to beach fishing.

It is important not to underestimate the importance of having quality, dependable sea fishing tackle as the right equipment not only ensures an individual can fish to the best of their ability, but also that the fishing experience is fun and enjoyable. For example, storm shelters can provide a safe, dry cover when environmental conditions become too harsh. A beach shelter is a perfect way to claim your spot on a crowded beach and have a comfortable base to relax in.

Finding the sea tackle you need is easy with Total Fishing Tackle, the search functions on our website allow you to search by brand, length and price so you are only shown the products you want to see. For any questions do not hesitate to contact our team who would love to answer any questions you may have. We’re fishing lovers, too, and can offer expert advice to ensure you leave our site with a perfect catch!