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Fishing Jackets

With outerwear, there is nothing more essential than a fishing jacket and we have plenty to choose from to keep out the ever-changing weather whilst you wait for that next record catch. Speaking from experience, you don’t want to be caught out when the rain hits you hard or an icy wind makes you want to pack it in for the day; stay dry and comfortable no matter what is thrown at you. As angers ourselves, we know that your jacket is just as important as your carp fishing rods and carp bivvy.

We stock some of the leading brands that will provide your fishing jacket needs, including Drennan, Fox, Nash, Navitas, Trakker and many more. Not just your regular fishing jackets mind you, but more importantly, considering you’ll be actively near to water, waterproof fishing jackets! No angler worth their salt can afford to miss these essentials. Whatever your price point, you’ll be sure to find a high-quality waterproof fishing jacket that’s affordable and suitable for all types of weather.

Lightweight Fishing Jackets

When you need something that’s lightweight and still practical during the day, we’ve got you covered. A lightweight jacket will ensure you have full mobility when you need to scramble for that catch! Browse through our selection of fishing jackets that won’t weigh you down during those more active and potentially bigger catch situations, such as the F12 Torrent Jacket, that is perfect for lure fishing. Combining high-performance technical fabrics that are durable and hard-wearing, you won’t be caught out trying to reel in that prize-winning catch. There’s also the Prologic LitePro Waterproof Thermo Jacket that has great lightweight thermal insulation as well as being tear-resistant for a durable, long-term investment in fishing clothing.

Thermo and Quilted Jackets

It’s all very well having all the kit that will keep you sheltered and full of hot tea, sometimes you’ll still need a waterproof fishing jacket that will keep that body warmth in. The middle of winter or a cold day out at sea is not much fun when the wind is biting straight through you. That’s where a quality lined quilted or thermal jacket can provide assurance, and we have plenty to choose from, like the Nash ZT Re-Verse Hybrid Down Jacket, that provides ultimate protection and gives better movement for casting.

Multi-layered insulation combining with an outer showerproof shell will make even the bleakest days seem like summer. Especially when the conditions demand it, we also stock a range of much more extreme weather fishing jackets that will really keep you toasty such as the Snugpak Sasquatch Jacket, for premium comfort, or the IMAX Ocean Thermo Smock that is ideal for saltwater fishing as a fully waterproof fishing jacket.

Gilets and Bodywarmers

Ideal for anyone needing a go-between fishing jacket with unrestricted arm movements, our gilets are a great option, especially for layering. Sometimes having your arms free to move is the only way to get to grips with one of those days that presents you with a particularly difficult battle. The Prologic Thermo Gilet Vest Bodywarmer combines both this practicality and keeps the heat in and the wind and water out. Lots of handy pockets are an added bonus, too!  Another very versatile gilet is the Trakker HexaThermic Bodywarmer that is fully adjustable and great at blocking out the elements.

Other Jacket Styles and Sets

On clear days where you just need something to keep you warm, or even to layer up, we have fleece fishing jackets that will still keep you protected and your mind firmly on the task at hand. The Fortis Elements Fleece Jacket has a layering system helping to adapt to your surroundings. This can be utilised as a layer under the Fortis x Snugpak fishing jacket range to keep you warm and waterproof, without worry. All of our waterproof fishing jackets are great for keeping you dry on the bank, or as a wading jacket to help get that extra distance when netting a fish. 

We also have fishing jacket and trouser sets for a complete waterproof fishing set, such as the Vass Lightweight Jacket & Trouser packaway set  and the Trakker Summit XP Jacket and Trousers which are super affordable and ultra-lightweight, meaning quick drying and easy to fold away. Also, check out the Trakker Summit XP Jacket and Trousers that provide a formidable barrier to what nature can throw at you. All of our quality fishing jackets are a great purchase for yourself and fishing gifts for your beloved fishing friends and family.