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Predator, Perch, Roach Pike Fishing Lures

Our Predator Lures

Total Fishing Tackle stock the best brands in predator fishing. Choose from full ranges from Spro, Fox, Daiwa or Korum for predator and pike fishing lures to appeal to your target catch. Setting up to lure in your chosen target is an individual and highly sensitive decision. Pick your colour, density, weight and running depth to snap up your target swim and customise it to your water’s conditions.

Predator lures are designed to imitate baitfish and are now more realistic than ever before. Total Fishing Tackle stock top brands that have been thoroughly researched and specially engineered their pike fishing lures to incorporate the most modern technologies. You might think that technology and fishing can’t work together, but you’re wrong, the angling community is bubbling with success stories from new and exciting pike fishing lures.

For example, Savage 4D Line Thru Trout are now available with a 4th dimension, created with a detailed photo chrome skin. These lures are also designed to encourage your target to strike with a built-in scent. Why not cover all your bases and opt for the most enhanced predator lures!

Hard & Soft Predator Fishing Lures

The best tip for predator fishing or using pike fishing lures is to always keep a well stocked tackle seatbox so you can chop and change your attractor to the day’s conditions to make sure every trip is successful. After all, the old saying ‘failure to prepare is to prepare to fail’ is so true in any angling expedition! Predator and pike fishing lures have come a long way and a new favorite trend for pike angler’s is to employ hybrid lures.

Hybrid lures such as the Daiwa hybrid crank are designed to produce minimal vibrations in the water because of their plastic body, but also is more durable and will be more sustainable in the mouth of your target at the point of strike. This gives you more opportunity to land your strike and up your game!

Picking Colours For Pike Fishing Lures

When choosing pike fishing lures, or any predator lure in fact, your choice of colour is vitally important. Bright or glittery pike fishing lures are some of our most popular. This is because they reflect the glistening sun and produce some of the best results for the fair weather fisherman amongst you! The LB Pro 4 Kit from Savage Gear is an ideal place to start building your lure collection. Fox Rage’s spinner baits are also ideal for catching the eye of your target fish. These spinnerbaits are ideal for all species and make successful pike fishing lures. It’s all about striking a balance when using pike fishing lures and sometimes less is more; but throw that idea out the window and combine Fox Rage spinner baits with soft baits for ultimate appeal.

After rainfall or if you are fishing in obscure waters, you would be better off choosing a bolder colour. Opt for a predator or pike fishing lure with fluorescent hues for coloured waters to ensure the fish can find you! Alternatively, in waters with minimal visibility, dark colours will produce a stronger silhouette.

It’s a great idea to carry pike fishing lures in a spectrum of colours, so you are free to chop and change your fishing spot and are not restricted to one area of water. We know that perfecting your lure is an entirely personal choice; our top tip would be to invest in a full range and play around. You might notice that the fish in your waters react to a certain type of lure better than others, switch between different weights, colours and sizes to find out what gets your fish biting!

As we’ve said, the best results come from having a fully stocked tackle bag, but if you’re looking for advice on your entire set-up, including the best predator or carp fishing rods, get in touch with a member of our team today. We are all anglers ourselves and are always happy to talk about fishing!