1-96 of 3999

1-96 of 3999

Carp angling is arguably the most popular discipline that falls under the angling umbrella.

Mainly due to the carp’s ability to fight hard, grow big and populate almost every bit of freshwater in the UK. Lakes, rivers, canals, ponds, streams and gravel pits, the carp can be found almost anywhere.

Here at Total Fishing Tackle we have everything you need to help you catch these incredible creatures, from top of the range rods, reels and bite alarms, to the very best in entry level equipment, designed to get you out there catching carp without breaking the bank.

In fact, that is probably the best thing about carp angling, it is accessible to absolutely everybody, young and old alike.

Total Fishing Tackle are the largest independent retailer of carp angling tackle, so you can expect to find all the biggest and the best brands in carp angling all under one roof. You can browse, choose and buy all your tackle and bait, clothing and accessories from the comfort of your front room, or your office, you can even use your tablet or mobile device whilst you are sitting on the bank.

From Aqua Products to X-Line, from CC Moore to Wychwood and everything in between we have it covered. All the top brands at the best prices.

From your classics, like Daiwa, Nash Tackle and Fox who have been around since the carp fishing boom really took off, Korda who are leading the way with their innovation and media, to newer brands such as Sticky Baits, Avid Carp, Thinking Anglers, Vass Waders and not forgetting the mighty Spomb!

Gone are the days of glass fibre rods, we have the very latest in composite carp rods from all the best brands at a variety of price points, there really is something for everyone and indeed, every situation.

To help you land your catch of a lifetime, we have all the best reels available to suit all budgets and requirements. Shimano, Fox and Daiwa are many anglers’ favourites, with the likes of Sonik, Wychwood, Okuma and Penn producing quality reels you can rely on

For the overnight anglers, we stock all the latest bivvies, umbrellas and shelters, plus the best Bedchairs and Sleep Systems designed to give you the best night’s sleep possible. Of course, we hope you don’t sleep too well……….

Gone are the days of having to stare at a float, waiting for it to slide away under the water as your intended quarry slurps in your bait. Now you can relax, close your eyes and prepare for your next fish, safe in the knowledge that your electronic bite alarms are watching over your bait.

Speaking of bait, second to a sharp hook, bait is probably the most important part of a carp anglers’ armoury. Boilies are the bread and butter of many carp anglers, they come in all shapes and sizes, and in every flavour, you could possibly imagine. Most anglers have their favourite brands and flavours, chances are we have it too!

Sticky Baits, Mainline Baits, Urban Baits, Dynamite Baits, Nash Bait we have it all and more.

Boilies, pellets, dips, glugs, pop ups, wafters, particles, groundbaits and even all the ingredients and equipment to allow you to make your own!

For all your end tackle and rig requirements look no further. We stock the biggest range of hooks, hook link materials, swivels, leaders and accessories that will have you tying your favourite rigs in no time. Korda, Fox, Nash Tackle, ESP, Thinking Anglers we have them all and lots more. If you get stuck or can’t see what you want, give us a call we will be happy to help!

Once you have done the hard work and caught your carp we, as anglers, need to take good care of them when they are on the bank and our range of carp care products are second to none. Unhooking mats and cradles, weight slings and retainers, carp care kits and sets of scales to weigh your prize before posing for a quick photo and slipping them back to their watery home, the best feeling in carp angling is watching them swim away for someone else to enjoy, none the worse from their ordeal. Carp Care, we have it covered.

Why does a cup of tea that has been brewed up on the bank of a river or lake taste better than a cuppa made at home? Don’t believe us? Try it……

From small gas cookers, safe as houses and easy to use to full on carpy, camping kitchens, we can kit you out with everything you need for brewing up or cooking on the bank. There really is no need to ever go hungry or thirsty when fishing!

Ridge Monkey are changing the way we cook on the bank, from the humble sandwich toaster to their revolutionary double head stove system that is portable but still allows you to make a cuppa and a bacon sandwich at the same time. We have the full Ridge Monkey range in stock.

Of course, there isn’t much point in having all this lovely carpy equipment, tackle and bait if you have nothing to put it all in.

There are some seriously clever design ideas from the likes of Nash Tackle, Aqua Products, Fox and Shimano and more traditional styles of luggage from Cotswold Aquarius, Chub and Wychwood.

Rucksacks, carryalls, barrow bags, rod holders, dedicated cooking bags and even bags for all your tech. Speaking of tech……

Most of us use our mobile devices for a lot more than just making phone calls.

Checking and sending emails, surfing the web, watching videos or keeping an eye on social media or the Total Fishing Tackle Blog

Deeper Sonars are changing the way anglers map out the contours of their swim, for those who don’t know, the Deeper Sonars attach to your line and you cast them out into your swim. The sonar then transmits back to your mobile device a map of the bottom of the lake, showing depth, water temperatures and even if there are any fish present!

We have the full range of Deeper Sonars and accessories here at Total Fishing Tackle.

The need for charging devices such as Deeper Sonars ‘on the go’ is greater than ever and we everything you need to remain fully charged when on the bank. Portable power packs, solar chargers, all the connectors and leads you could ever need.

There is no point having all this awesome tech, equipment, tackle and bait all safely stored in your favourite range of luggage, if you then have to take 5 trips from the car park to your swim of choice.

Right on cue, we have a range of carp angling barrows and trolleys to save you time and effort and not to mention save you getting a bad back at the same time!

Prestige still lead the way in barrows for some anglers, with Fox and Nash Tackle also making a charge for the ‘best of the best’ title, in reality it comes down to what you prefer. Chub, TF Gear, Trakker and now Shimano have all ventured into the world of tackle transportation, with luggage ranges to match that fits together like a jigsaw.

3 wheels, 2 wheels or single wheel barrows are all available, even barrows with electric motors for those who struggle to push a manual version. We really do have everything you could possibly want, and if we don’t have it we will get it for you!

The Carp Angling boom shows no signs of slowing down and as our valued customers we want to bring you the biggest choice of the best products at the best prices but along with that we want you to buy what is right for you. If you are local to Essex or visiting this way, pop in and see us! We would love to show you how to tie any rigs or run through any items you are interested in purchasing. Don’t fret if you live miles away, we are always at the end of the phone and if you are looking for any bulk deals then give us a call and we can offer you our very best prices.

Total Fishing Tackle, the UK’s best.