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Carp Luggage

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Not only is carp luggage useful, it’s a necessity if you’re going to have any kind of success on the bank! Perfecting your luggage situation is as personal as choosing your bait. There are so many configurations to choose from, but quality, purpose-built carp luggage will be your bank side assistant and keep all your tackle protected and organised.

If you’ve been around the lake once or twice before, you’ll know that it’s useless investing in the best tackle, rods and carp tech, without the proper carrying or protective gear. If you’re new to the wonderful world of angling, you might think you can get away with standard bags and backpacks. Unfortunately, for most of us, our gear spends more time in storage than it does on the bank and having dedicated carp luggage will ensure all your gear is protected from damage when it’s not in use.

The hardest decision to make is which luggage to go for. As angling experts ourselves, we recommend building up your carp luggage collection as your stock of tackle and equipment grows. Don’t try to buy all of one and neglect to invest in the other. Helpful and tidy carp luggage can stop you wasting time rummaging in pockets and unsuitable bags or boxes for vital bits of equipment. You can keep your cool and focus on the real task at hand, confident that you have got everything you can ever need or desire to land that next big catch – including the all-important camera!

Best Carp Luggage Brands

Carp luggage from the brand’s stocked at Total Fishing Tackle are all purpose-built, specially designed holdalls, sleeves, quivers, rucksacks and carryalls. This equipment can often be dual-purpose to help cut down on the amount of gear you need to lug around. TF Gear’s Hardcore Heavy Duty Carryall is a great all-in-one carp luggage solution, with netted external pockets for drying gear and extra storage, the carryall is extremely durable, 100% waterproof and safe for food. The hardtop means that this carryall can be used as a tabletop or reliable surface to set your tea down on!

If you’re looking for something a little more compact or even another item of carp luggage to compliment your carryall, Nash have got you covered! Nash are one of the best and most comprehensive brands in the angling world. The Nash Scope Ops Recon Rucksack is a perfect day-trip bag. The heavy duty, highly structured rucksack is super comfortable to transport equipment but also has elasticated loops for rod support and a hard top to use as a surface. This scope ops rucksack is the ideal way to keep your carp luggage simple, but if you still need something a little bigger, look at the Scope Ops Deploy Rucksack.  

Fox are experts at designing integrative and internal items of carp luggage. This means that you can get your tackle out of your main carp luggage and still keep things safe and dry! Obviously, this is particularly important for all your tech; the Fox Camolite Gadgets Safe will protect all your personal devices (we all know someone who’s lost their phone in the lake) and additional radios or cameras. Tech is compact and expensive and this one bag transports and protects it all. We highly recommend a dedicated gadget bags for those longer trips to the lake when you’re more likely to take items for personal entertainment.

Another thing you definitely do not want to get wet is your gas canisters or cookware! Fox’s comprehensive range of carp luggage includes the Camolite storage bag in a variety of sizes. The heavy-duty bags are ideal for keeping all cooking equipment clean and safe, similar to angler-approved packing cubes!

Cult, JRC, Chub and Avid all design rod carriers for highly protective transport and storage. The Avid Rod Holdall is ideal if you’re out for a longer expedition or planning to use a pod as it can hold up to five rods.

Choose The Carp Luggage For Your Trip

The team here at Total Fishing Tackle are as passionate about angling as you are. That means we are happy to talk you through any carp luggage purchases. Our top tip would be to think about the fishing areas you visit. For example, if you have a mile walk from your car to the bankside, barrow carp luggage is the best way forwards and save all your energy for landing a new personal best! Alternatively, if you’re just a day-trip angler, you’ll only need something light and convenient.

Get in touch with a member of the team for more information and advice on any of our carp luggage products!