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Barrow Luggage

Fishing barrow bags

The days of hanging multiple fishing bags from your arms and shoulders have well and truly passed. Here at TFT, not only do we want to save you the effort of lugging all your fishing gear in multiple trips, but to offer you all the latest fishing barrow bags and attachments to make your fishing trip as smooth as possible.

Starting from the essential, we stock the all-round main fishing barrow bag to hold the bulk of your fishing tackle, bait and clothing accessories when going fishing. The Fox – Camolite Barrow Bag does exactly that, most suited for use with the Explorer Barrow, this fishing barrow bags comes with a reinforced base and lid like the Fox – Voyager Compact Barrow Bag to be all your essential items safe inside. Fishing barrow bags come in various shapes and sizes, if your looking for a large barrow bag the TF Gear – Hardcore Barrow Bag has many segmented storage parts to keep all your items safe and organised. Similarly, the Aqua Products – Black Series Barrow Bag comes with 4 external deep, zipped lined pockets more suitable for storing smaller carryall bags. If a smaller fishing barrow bag is more what you’re after, the Trakker – NXG Compact Barrow Bag can be more space efficient and with 5 external padded pockets it still packs plentiful room for fishing accessories.

Fishing barrow bags also come as side barrow bags like the Trakker – NXG Barrow Pannier Side Bag which is a single side barrow bag useful for attaching that additional storage to any side panel of your fishing barrow. Side barrow bags also come in matching pairs like the Prestige – DPM Camo Side Bags XL or the Nash – Trax Evo Side Loader, which are great side barrow bags for keeping your barrow well balanced and easier to handle. If that’s not enough fishing barrow bags are now available as front barrow bags like the Trakker – NXG Front Barrow Bag or the Prestige – DPM Camo Compact Front Barrow Bag. Often used for additional items like food and drinks with bags like the Prestige – DPM Camo Barrow Front Food Bag just for that! To take things the extra mile, fishing barrow bags like the Prestige – DPM Drop In Bag are now available which are attached underneath the barrow for the keen angler when the top, front and sides just aren’t enough!

So with all your fishing barrow bags provided, there’s just one more item to complete the full set. The fishing barrow cover of course! We have the matching bags over covers to make your whole set up complete like the Prestige – DPM Camo Barrow Cover or the Fox – Camolite Camo Barrow Cover. From fishing barrow bags to covers, small or large, we have fishing barrow bags items to suit all anglers!