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Paste is one the most underused but really effective ways of catching carp! In essence the paste is the boilie mix that would normally get rolled into balls and boiled, but before it gets that far down the production line, a batch will get put into small pots and sold as paste.

River anglers swear by it, commercial match anglers don’t leave home without it but the carp anglers have been a little slow off the mark in realising its potential and ability to draw fish into a swim. We have sourced the very best of the paste’s available from the best bait producers and now is the time to get out there and give it a go!

Hodo you use paste though? Well in a lot of ways.

A lot of anglers will simply wrap their hook bait in a piece of paste flattened in the palm of your hand and then wrapped round the hook bait, still allowing the hook point to be proud and do its job.

Another way is to repeat the above method but then roll the paste covered hook bait into some micro pellets or groundbait to double the attraction, a lot of river anglers targeting big barbel swear by this tactic and it’s easy to see why, it works very well indeed!

A slightly more un heard of tactic is to wrap the paste around a hair rigged cork ball, then roll in some micro pellets and away you go. The cork ball counteracts the weight of the paste and presents an almost neutral buoyancy bait, perfect for when the fish are a little harder to catch.

Readymade pastes tend to be quite firm and can be made softer by a quick knead in your hands, the reason why you don’t want too soft a paste is that it needs to withstand the force of the cast.

We stock a range of Sonubaits paste mixes that you simply add water too and leave for 10 mins. After 10 ins you have paste! Be careful not to make it too wet of course.

Total Fishing Tackle Top Tip - Sticky Baits Krill paste wrapped around a 12mm sticky baits bottom bait and rolled in the Krill powder might just be the edge you are looking for! Likewise, if you are targeting the barbel then the Hinders River Rami Paste might also be the best thing you try this year!

So there we have it, an underused but extremely effective tactic that might just give you that edge!


What’s the Best Carp Bait Paste?

Carp paste bait is essentially the unboiled boilie mix, although now, match anglers use over wetted groundbait but this doesn't work in carp angling. I use the sticky baits Manilla paste a lot and I have always caught very well wrapping my hookbaits in a layer of paste to provide extra attraction.