Coarse & Match Fishing Trolleys

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  1. Daiwa - Fold-N-Go Match Barrow
    Daiwa - Fold-N-Go Match Barrow
    Special Price £259.99 Regular Price £299.99
  2. Preston - Offbox Wheel Kit
    Preston - Offbox Wheel Kit
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £99.99
  3. Shakespeare - SKP Seatbox Trolley
    Shakespeare - SKP Seatbox Trolley
    Special Price £72.99 Regular Price £99.99
  4. Matrix - 4 Wheel Transporter
    Matrix - 4 Wheel Transporter
    Special Price £219.99 Regular Price £239.99
  5. Preston - Four Wheeled Shuttle
    Preston - Four Wheeled Shuttle
    Special Price £199.99 Regular Price £219.99
  6. Daiwa - Team Daiwa Tackle Trolley
    Daiwa - Team Daiwa Tackle Trolley
    Special Price £99.99 Regular Price £115.00
  7. NGT - QUICKFISH Trolley
    NGT - QUICKFISH Trolley
    Special Price £39.99 Regular Price £49.99
  8. Frenzee - HGV Trolley
    Frenzee - HGV Trolley
    Special Price £209.99 Regular Price £277.99
  9. MAP - X4 Extending Barrow MKII
    MAP - X4 Extending Barrow MKII
    Special Price £194.99 Regular Price £239.99
  10. Preston - Space Station On Box Shuttle
    Preston - Space Station On Box Shuttle
    Special Price £134.99 Regular Price £159.99

14 Products

per page

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Coarse Fishing Barrows FAQs

What are the average weight capacities of the barrows?

This is entirely dependent on the barrow and will vary from barrow to barrow.

Are the barrows adjustable to suit differing pieces of equipment?

No, some will have a slightly adjustable frame, so you can adjust the width if it has side rails but they are not often item specific except for some seat box trollies.

Are the wheels suitable for use on rough terrain?

They are indeed, a wider wheel will offer more stability.

Do the barrows disassemble for easy storage when not in use?

Most do.

Do any of the barrows have height-adjustable handles?

No, the handles are fixed, but the rear legs are often extendable on some models to raise the handles this way.

What are the main differences between the cheaper barrows and the more expensive models?

The build quality and materials will be better, along with offering more features. In addition, some higher-end models will be powered to aid the propulsion of the barrow.

Secure the Best Barrow & Trolleys for Your Coarse Fishing Trips

Anglers are often up early in the morning, ready to seize the day. Save your energy for the hard work ahead by investing in a barrow to haul your coarse fishing gear.

A barrow does the brunt of the labour for you! Simply pile in your luggage and wheel it off effortlessly to your fishing location. Our selection of high-quality barrows features durable rigs made of rugged materials and fully adjustable rubber handles for comfort and ease of use.

With a variety of styles and sizes, you’ll find the ideal cart for your gear. Our online selection also features handy accessories, like a kit to turn your transportation into a convenient barrow chair. Shop today and find your perfect fit to make your next trip effortless.