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Sea Fishing Rods

You don’t have to travel to a warm tropical country to get the most out of sea fishing. Here in the UK, we have plenty of great opportunities for coastal fishing for a vast range of marine fish species, all available within a matter of hours travel time you could be on a beach fishing the unknown! Here at Total Fishing, we have a range of sea fishing experts to help our customers choose the best sea fishing rods from a range of sea fishing styles, be it rods for shore and beach fishing through to open water boat fishing. We stock a vast range of sea fishing rods and fishing poles to help anglers spend less time shopping and more time fishing the surf!

As always, we cater for sea fisherman from a range of styles, abilities and budgets and the sea fishing rods that go alongside them. Whether you are a sea fisherman that loves beach fishing from their seatbox and needs the extra strength and casting ability of a beach rod, or an up-tide angler fishing from a boat, we have the whole sea fishing rod spectrum!

Not only do we stock the best sea fishing rods, but we also offer sea fishing rods from the very best brands in the industry. We have sea fishing rods for sale from brands including SproShakespearDaiwa and Sonik just to name a few. All our sea fishing rods are carefully chosen to offer of anglers nothing but the very best rods for the price they are. Whether your looking to spend £14.99 or £329.99 per rod, we have sourced the very best rods within their price range.

Sea Fishing Rods, Beachcaster & Surf Rods

Our range of beachcaster rods have been purposely designed and built with maximum strength and casting ability in mind. Our beachcaster rods are usually longer in length ranging from 10ft, 11ft, 12ft and 13ft all the way up to beachcasters of 4.2metres. All our shore rods have been extensively tested from coast to coast to ensure maximum performance whilst casting wherever you’re fishing. Our beach casters have also been critically balanced, often containing high-quality carbon for an additional level of strength without compromising of weight. With these high-quality sea fishing rods, you can guarantee they are able to punch out terminal sea fishing tackle to significantly longer distances, casting way past the surf effortlessly.

Lure & Spinning Sea Fishing Rods

A sea fishing rod collection made for perfectly for fishermen who enjoy the quick action buzz or kayak or belly boat sea fishing. Built with slim ultralight weight rod blanks to pack real power in the rear end of the rod, ideal for the vertical jigging style fishing when on a boat.  Not to mean they can only be used for jigging, no. Our lure and spinning sea rods are great all-rounders and still perform exceptional well with crankbaits also. We supply lure rods that come with complete with a coated spring coil with carabiner for attaching your rod to a range of boat/kayak types. Like all sea fishing rod types, we stock a wide collection of lure and spinning rods, covering all types of lure and spinner fishing from swimbaits, jerk baits, soft lures and big lure trolling, all with a great value for money.

Boat & Up Tide Sea Fishing Rods

When it comes to boat and up tide rods, there are a few things to consider when selecting the best sea fishing rod for your style. We stock great ‘all rounders’ that are capable to fish for a variety of species and methods and rods specifically made for mackeralling to tackling to and even wrecking. If your fishing for marine beasts your going to know a sea fishing rod that really packs power to land a fish successfully. That’s why we stock revolutionary sea fishing rods like the Greys GR75s boat rod, made with Toreon – a unique material providing a dispersion of nano particles throughout the resin that binds the carbon fibres together, making the rod light, more responsive and extra powerful.

Sea Fishing Rods & Accessories

Not only do we cover a vast range of sea fishing rods for all types of anglers, but we also stock sea fishing accessories travel sea fishing rod bags, cases and holdalls to help keep all your cherished rods looking brand new. Whether it’s a storm safe beach shelter, rucksacks, spare sea spool cases or sea fishing line, we’ve got you covered for all quality sea fishing equipment and gear.

As always if you would like some more information on the sea fishing rod that best suits your fishing style, location or budget, feel free to contact our friendly staff. We are always happy to help give expert advice.