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In their early life carp are fed pellets as a daily staple food which probably explains why they are such an effective carp bait.

It’s not just carp that like a pellet, bream, barbel, even chub and tench have become accustomed to feeding on these tasty morsels.

Most boilies will have an accompanying pellet range that is designed to mimic the flavours and additives in the boilies themselves. Of course, there are lots of other varieties available and we have selected only the very best for you, our valued customers!

The humble pellet comes in a variety of different sizes that serve different purposes for all angling situations you might be faced with. From a 1mm or 2mm micro pellet that can be wetted and moulded round a method feeder to a 22mm catfish pellet, high in oil and general stinkyness!

Different types of pellets are more effective at different times of the year, for example a high oil trout or halibut pellet might not be the best idea in the depths of winter, but a sweet Sticky Baits Manilla Pellet could be a very good option when the water gets cold.

Pellets can be fished in PVA mesh bags, added to spod mixes, fed by hand into likely looking margin spots or catapulted short distances over your baited rig, but one of the most effective methods of fishing pellets is in a solid PVA bag. Usually in 1mm or 2mm sizes they fill the bag perfectly leaving very few gaps which is essential for making a nice firm, tight bag that will cast straight and true.

Sticky Baits, Mainline Baits, Dynamite Baits, Sonubaits, all have excellent ranges of pellets in every size and flavour you could ever need. Nash Tackle have raised the bar with a floating riser pellet that the fish just find irresistible, especially when the fish have seen a lot of other bigger floating pellets or biscuits.

Total Fishing Tackle Top Tip – grind up a handful of your favourite pellets in a Korda Krusher and add them to a PVA Mesh Bag. On the hair of your favourite bottom bait rig, trim down a dark red or brown coloured boilie to the shape of a pellet, nick on the PVA mesh bag and cast into the lake, sit back and be prepared for some action! The goodness, oils and attractors in the pellet are released instantly and the subtle pellet shaped boilie hookbait is taken with gusto!