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Fishing Boats

Many anglers are using inflatable boats and not just across Europe, here at TFT we have everything you could possibly need to not only get you afloat in style but most importantly, to keep you safe when out on the water.

The rib style boats have all but taken over now, solid composite or wooden boats, even the plastic boats have all but vanished and it’s easy to see why.

The inflatable ribs pack down to the size of sports bag, can be blown up in minutes and come packed with features to help you get the most from your craft!

All our boats are inflated using different chambers, this ensures that if you get a puncture from a sharp rock or branch in one chamber, the others will remain unaffected and you can safely get back to dry land.

If paddle power is not your idea of a good time, then we also supply a range of electric outboard motors that make life a breeze when out afloat.

The Fox motors come with a variety of different thrust settings (power) to enable you to choose the right motor for your size of boat. All of them can be fitted by one person quite easily and are powered from a leisure type battery or similar device.

Once you are out on the water our accessories range really comes into its own, the prodding poles are a great way to figure out the approximate depth and the type of lake bed you are fishing over, they can even be pushed into the lake bed to remain as a temporary marker!

The Tolson TF500 wireless fish finder is an outstanding piece of kit and will work effectively down to a depth of 100ft, as well as finding fish, the Tolson will show you the depth of the lake or river bed as well as how much weed or detritus is on the bottom, all this information is displayed in colour and the best bit it is that it runs off AA batteries!

Our Fox and Strategy boats are perfect for getting you afloat and if you need any further advice then please do not hesitate to get in touch.