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Tackle Boxes

Tackle Boxes

Organisation both on and off the bank can make a real difference to your success as an angler. Most fishermen have built an extensive tackle collection over time which can easily get out of hand if it’s not kept organised. And even if you are just starting out, the amount of kit you need to get started can be surprisingly bulky. That’s where the tackle box comes into play.

The tackle box is your humble, handy bankside assistant. It is one of the most important bits of kit to get right, too large and it will be difficult to carry down to the lake, too small and you will be missing key bits of kit. At Total Tackle, we know the importance of getting the right sized tackle box. We have a wide range of tackle boxes for to suit every angler, from brands such as Trakker, Aqua, Fox, Kordaand Nash.

Tackle boxes from reputed manufacturers such as Fox or Nash are designed with anglers in mind. It also ensures that tackle boxes are designed for specific types of angling. A predator angler can choose a compact wallet to keep their lures close at hand, while a carp fisherman would prefer a more robust bag with plenty of room for kit and bait.

For beginners, we recommend a smaller, general purpose boxes which still have enough space for you to start building your tackle collection. A larger, modular bag can be tailored to store bait and food, camping equipment and all the kit needed for longer stays on the lake.

The more equipment you have, the more you will understand the importance of keeping it all organised. Most experienced anglers know that an organised tackle box is one of the most important things to get right. Beginners should avoid getting into bad habits and invest in a tackle box early on. Knowing exactly where your tackle is, makes it easy to access and allows you to select which piece of kit you need for your days fishing. Keeping your kit organised like this not only makes your fishing more enjoyable, it can dramatically improve your results.

For those anglers that prefer to keep specific types of tackle separate, instead of lumping it all together in one large box, we also supply a range of smaller boxes such as the Korda Mini Rig Safe Storage box. Keeping tackle separate like this has two advantages, it helps protect all of your equipment and will also mean you won’t have to carry your large tackle box around with you all the time.

Carp Tackle Boxes

For the carp fisherman who loves to spend hours waiting on the riverbank for that elusive bite, we have a range of tackle boxes which can be attached to your chair. The DPM Camo Side Bags from Prestige were specifically designed for long-haul fishing trips. The bag attaches to a barrow using an independent frame. These large adaptable bags allow you to keep all your tackle close at hand.

Stop dangerously rummaging around in your kit bag for that elusive hook or swivel. Get organised with a high-quality tackle box from Total Tackle. Then you can spend less time getting your kit together and more time catching fish, which is why you started in the first place.