RidgeMonkey - Vault Powerbank 52,800mAh

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Product Description  

Introducing the RidgeMonkey Vault... Power, when you need it. 
Designed and built with multiple industries in mind, the RidgeMonkey Vault powerpack sets a new bar for portable power sources on the bank or in the field. 
We all know how frustrating – and if you are in a truly remote area, how dangerous – it can be when your mobile phone battery becomes exhausted. In one way or another, the majority of our lives have quietly become dominated by the digital revolution and as devices become more advanced, they become increasingly more power hungry. Carrying a portable powerpack makes perfect sense and at 70% smaller and lighter than comparable capacity Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) units, the lithium polymer Vault is significantly less of a burden than carting around a big box of lead. 
The Vault is a device that will allow the user to charge anything from mobile phones, tablets and cameras right the way through to powering a hunting lamp, laptop or DVD player. As if that wasn’t enough, simultaneous use of both 12v and 5v outputs is also possible, leading to a truly versatile experience. It boasts a huge capacity, enough to provide an iPhone 5S with up to 20 full charges or run a 100w hunting lamp for in excess of 2 hours. 
Designed to fulfil the needs of even the heaviest users, the LiPo internals are also markedly superior to SLA in terms of discharge curve and total life expectancy which makes the upfront cost of a lithium polymer device a very shrewd investment from a financial point of view. The phrase buy cheap, buy twice (or even three or four times) is a very relevant one when researching the pros and cons of lithium vs lead acid technology the usable capacity (x2) and expected lifetime (x4) figures speak for themselves. 
Meanwhile, the rugged shell – which includes a 4 stage LED power indicator – comes complete with port covers and a dedicated carry case to ensure the Vault is kept safe, whatever conditions you might face. 
Dimensions: 205mm x 115mm x 40mm 
Weight: 1275g 
Capacity: 264Wh / 22Ah @ 12v / 52,800mAh @ 5v 
Output: 12v 13A socket / twin 5v 2.1A USB 
RRP: £149.99

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