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  1. Prologic - Cruzade Baiting Pouch
    Prologic - Cruzade Baiting Pouch
    Special Price £7.99 Regular Price £14.99
  2. Prologic - Cruzade Rod Quiver
    Prologic - Cruzade Rod Quiver
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £39.99
  3. Avid - Revive Mat
    Avid - Revive Mat Options Available
    As low as £73.99 Regular Price £79.99
  4. Fox - Sliders Black w/ Camo
    Fox - Sliders Black w/ Camo Options Available
    As low as £14.99 Regular Price £19.99
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Total Fishing Tackle has the latest equipment from the best brands. Whether you're looking to update your kit or are just curious about what new accessories are out there, browse through our selection of the finest fishing gear available today! If you're looking to update your carp bivvy, Nash are continuously bringing new, quality products on to the market. A bivvy can be an often overlooked, yet vitally important piece of a fisherman's equipment. Without a dependable bivvy, the comfort of a fishing trip is greatly compromised. Unlike older models, new bivvys are designed to be lighter and easier to transport, as well as easier to erect and make the most of the floorspace to ensure that nothing will tear you away from the water's edge. We’re confident that investing in a bivvy will revolutionise your fishing experiences. For increased comfort while fishing, a carp bedchair can be a great new addition to your fishing set-up. Due to the nature of carp fishing, overnight stays are commonplace, making a bedchair an essential piece of kit. Carp bedchairs haven’t escaped the technological revolution, and the new-in models are often equipped with modern features to keep you secure and snug overnight, such as built-in sleeping bags and lumbar support. As carp fishing continues to grow in popularity, there are a myriad of carp fishing rods now available on the market. Finding the right style rod can be difficult, as each angler undoubtedly has their own style of fishing and preference of a rod. Total Fishing Tackle showcases the latest fishing rods and features quality rods from brands like Sonik. Sonik manufacture rods specifically designed for carp fishers that maximise the precision and control of a rod. Their selection of sleek, ergonomic rods not only function amazingly but will ensure you are the envy of the fishing bank with their stylish designs. If you don't dream of carp at night, Total Fishing Tackle showcases a selection of fishing poles that are suited to different fishing ventures. For example, you'll find the latest Maver poles and rods on our website, too. Maver has become a brand synonymous with innovation, they are able to identify the current trends in fishing and create products to meet the latest consumer demands – definitely a brand for the more niche fishermen. For fishers looking to organise the gear they use, a seatbox can be an excellent way to consolidate the amount of gear needed for each fishing venture. A compact seatbox combines tackle and equipment storage with a comfortable place to sit, ensuring that everything a match competitor or even a Sunday angler could possibly need is within arm's reach. Multiple attachments and accessories are available for a seatbox, allowing the multifaceted tool to be customized to meet an individual's exact preferences.In this day and age, technology surrounds us constantly. While fishing can be a great way to escape the digital world, technology can also be utilised to help improve your fishing game. For example, a fish finder, combines multiple technologies to help map lakebeds and find where the fish are lurking and can even be used to control your boat. Even traditional anglers can't deny the potential benefits of a device like this! It’s always worth checking back and staying abreast of the new technologies coming out.If you have any questions or are seeking advice on your new purchases or potential purchases, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today, we would love to hear from you!