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Fishing technology is playing a bigger part in angling than ever before and there are now a multitude of products available now that will certainly help you put more fish on the bank and make your life on the bank more enjoyable.

One of the best products we sell is the Deeper range of sonars. A castable sonar that shows you the depth, water temperature and the topography of the lake bed, the Deeper range of products are second to none and now favoured by many of the country’s top anglers.

The handy App even lets you map out entire lakes and store them on your device for future reference. The range of accessories are extremely well thought out and include items like a handy smart phone mount for your rod, a night time cover for increased visibility in lower light levels and a smart phone pouch so even when the rain is falling your phone will be safe and dry.

Anyone who has been angling for some time will have no doubt fallen victim to the Tufted ducks! Our feathered friends have the amazing ability to completely ruin a swim right at bite time by diving down, eating bait and disturbing rigs, not to mention scaring all the carp away. Cue the Merkko Tufty Torch, completely legal, no lasers involved, The Merkko Tufty Torch will rid your swim off unwanted feathered friends and not just tufty’s but coots and cormorants too.

Of course, there is no point having all this wonderful technology if once the battery runs out, the item cannot be charged. So, we have sourced the very best in power packs and solar panels to enable you to stay fully charged at all times.

The RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart powerpacks are an awesome bit of kit that will charge an iPhone 8 approximately 30 times, not to mention anything else that you require charging as well. Another top product is the RidgeMonkey Vault 16w Solar Panel. A handy fold out design, these solar panels work on daylight and not just sunlight so they will still charge your tech even when the sun has gone behind the clouds, clever!

Keeping all your tech items together will make your life a lot easier on the bank and thanks to Nash Tackle you can do just that.

The Nash Logix Tech Bag is Fully stiffened and padded to maintain shape and optimise protection the rigid base and recessed table top design offers impact protection plus a handy surface to keep your phone or tablet when not in use.
Two rubber cable exit points allow chargers and battery packs to be connected for charging but still stowed away tidily. Stiffened dividers protect lenses, range finders or monoculars, leaving enough space for professional spec camera equipment and more. Finished with three handy external pockets with two-way zips and a padded removable shoulder strap.

Have a look through our dedicated ‘Tech’ department for lots of ways to not only help you put more fish on the bank but to keep you fully charged and entertained whilst doing so!