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Rod Rests

Although a simple concept, the rod rest can still provide some debate as to which is the most suitable. Thin rods, thicker rods, rod rests that grip the rod for snag fishing, plastic thread or metal thread, lots of choice indeed.

Luckily, here at Total Fishing Tackle we stock all of the big brands and we have everything you need to keep your rods sitting pretty and ready for action!

With prices starting at just £1.99 not only do we have all options covered in terms of functionality but also in terms of budget as well.

Just a couple of considerations if you are likely to be snag fishing or river fishing then you might want to check out a rod rest head that grips the rod in place. When snag fishing especially the rod needs to be immovable should a fish pick up the rig and bolt off to the sanctuary of the snags, fish safety must always be top priority.

Those with full cork or full duplon handles on their rods will need a wider rod rest than those who use slim or abbreviated handles, but that’s really the only 2 considerations you need to make.

If you like the stainless look then there are numerous rod rests that will suit you, some even have different coloured inserts if that’s your thing.

JAG, Solar, Fox, Matrix, Cygnet, Nash Tackle and ESP are all very popular brands but have a look and see what takes your fancy!