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Particle baits are the longest serving, dedicated carp baits of all time! The humble sweetcorn for example has been the capture of some of the biggest and most sought-after carp all across the world and Tiger Nuts aren’t far behind. Of course, there are now a plethora of particle baits to choose from and luckily for you we have some of the very best, ready to go, right here!

Of course, the biggest problem with making your own particle baits is that they must be prepared and cooked properly otherwise they can be very harmful to the fish. Ready prepared particles took away that worry and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Dynamite Baits changed all that when they introduced their Frenzied particle range. Other bait companies followed and soon the selection of ready prepared particles had grown considerably.

More recently Mainline Baits have followed other brands such as CC Moore, Hinders and Nash Bait, by releasing their own range of particle mixes infused with some of their more popular boilie flavours such as the Cell and Essential Cell as well as a multi stim offering also.

Particles come into their own in the warmer months but it’s always worth having a jar of hemp and tiger nuts to hand in the colder months and many a day’s fishing have been transformed with the addition of a handful of hemp and a few tiger nuts with a balanced tiger nut fished on the hair.

We stock a wide variety of different particles and different mixes, from small hempseed-based mixes with small particles ideal for the cute and wary carp, to the tiger nuts, maize, tares and maples; much bigger in their makeup and designed to feed the fish when they are in the mood for a big munch. All prepared, ready to use in a jar!

If you do fancy cooking your own hemp, then we stock the Hinders Chinese hemp seed and to this you can add chilli flakes and some rock salt to make a potent and very appealing portion of carp food.

The vast majority of the ready prepared particles we sell are also PVA friendly allowing you to dispatch them into the lake via solid or mesh PVA bags, this is definitely an edge on waters that are usually dominated by boilies and pellets.

One of the other benefits of the ready prepared particles is that they keep for a very long time, as long as they are kept in a cool dry place such as the shed or a cupboard at home.

So, what are you waiting for, add a jar of two of your favourite particles to your shopping basket and never be caught without! As always, we are to help and if you have any particle related questions then do not hesitate to get in touch!


What Are the Best Particle Carp Baits?

Any of them! Hemp seed is great but sweetcorn takes some beating too. Tiger nuts where allowed in small quantities are good also. The best way is to mix a few together along with some chopped or crushed boilies and throw some pellets in at the last minute so they don't go soft. Spomb that lot out in the lake and you will be catching in no time!