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Weigh Slings, Scales & Tripods

Carp Fishing Scales

We might not all be competitive anglers, but the only way to get a new personal best is to weigh them with proper carp fishing scales! In carp fishing, pounds mean prizes…or new personal records; that means it’s vital to have precision fishing scales or slings to weigh your latest catch.

The only way to get an accurate reading is to invest in quality, purpose-use carp fishing scales. These will make sizing up your carp as easy and as quick as possible to ensure the catch is returned to the water quickly.

Digital Vs Analogue Carp Fishing Scales

We know there are some old school anglers out there, but a little bit of technology in the right places never hurt anybody. A lot of anglers made the switch to digital scales because they had improved weighing technology and many believed they could weigh even bigger catches. The zero-button on this Fox scale also makes it easier than ever before to wet weigh your catch whilst it’s in the sling.  

Although, those old schoolers do have a point! There’s something extremely satisfying about watching the needle whizz around the face of some retro scales. The Korda 25th Anniversary Carp Fishing Scales are precise to the kilogram and look really stylish, but they are also equipped with enhanced vision so you can still read the weight in low lighting. 

Whatever your preferred choice, it’s imperative to protect your scales. Dedicated scale pouches are designed to stop the damp or water from sabotaging the reading! Don’t forget your weighing bars either!

Weighing Slings & Cradles

Carp weigh slings are perfect for those who require an accurate weight, but if you’re a competitive angler, we’re sure we don’t have to tell you that! However, cradles or carp weigh slings are also a particularly good idea for the burgeoning or less experienced angler. If you’re still not a deft-hand at landing, weighing and photographing your catch, a carp weigh sling or cradle will give you a little bit of extra time to find all your equipment and size up your latest catch.

To practice ethical fish care and ensure the carp keep biting, you might also want to invest in chest waders, net station or quality retainer to keep the fish happy and healthy in deep enough waters. Anglers will need to judge the depths of the margins to decide what is best for the catch. From there, you will be able to whip out your carp fishing scales and size him up and get a trophy photo.

Retainers like the Rogue Floating Sling combine two products into one. The carp are safely contained with full zip and clip sides so they can be contained in the water without harm. The rogue retainer is also made from quick-dry, netted materials. Retainers are a super convenient, low-tech way to up your game and are fish friendly, too!

For the most accurate weight reading, a simple tripod will help you get the most accurate and stable analysis of your fish. Tripods are also strongly recommended if you are out on your own as it leaves your hands free for a moment; you can just secure your carp weigh sling onto the hook and record the weight.

At Total Fishing Tackle, we are all anglers ourselves. We are able to discuss all weighing options and carp fishing scales or products that minimise the time the fish is out the water. If the carp are kept happy and safe, you’re likely to get more bites in the future. All the carp fishing scales and carp weigh slings will make your landing procedure smoother and more efficient. Get in touch for more product information or advice before you buy!