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Spod & Marker

Spod and Marker Rods


If you’re an angler still asking yourself ‘what is a spod rod?’ then there’s still plenty more to learn! Spod rods are an absolute essential piece of angling equipment for really taking your baiting to the next level. The concept of using a spod rod is to cast heavily baited spods or spomb rockets across a lake to accurately bait your selected fishing area. If you are an angler who loves the big lakes where casting out further distances becomes more necessary, then a quality spod rod is essential in getting the bait to areas and distances where catapults and throwing sticks become almost useless. Not only are spod rods useful in baiting longer distances, but they are the most accurate form of manual baiting possible for the modern-day angler.

 All keen anglers know that accurate baiting is essential in giving yourself the best chance in to successfully landing a big carp! With our spod and marker rods you can do just that. Many anglers like to use marker pegs in order to know the exact distance the spod is reaching, whilst clipping the line on your reel to ensure every cast of the spod reaches the same distance every time.  Not only are can spod and marker rods be used for accurate baiting, but they can also be used for determining key features about the lake including the water depth. Many anglers will attach a marker float to their marker rod, threading approximately a ft of line from the reel until the float becomes visible and therefore having an accurate estimate of the water depth. An essential piece of knowledge to know when being tactical with angling, particularly if spodding out particle mix over a zig rig!


Here at Total Fishing Tackle we stock the very best spod rods and spod rod and reel combos, a range suited for all angling types. Not to mention our spod and marker rods are carefully picked from the most trusted brands within the industry including; Daiwa, Fox, Century, Shimano, Prologic and Greys spod rods just to name a few! A decent spod rod can really make the difference in the number of catches you have, as it enables you to keep the carp in the area feeding over a period of time, setting you up for steady catches. We also stock a range of spod rods from various lengths including 12ft and 13ft spod rods. Whether you are looking for a more light weight spod rod and something more stiff when you really need to spod beyond 100ft, we’ve got you covered.    


If you’d still like more information on spod rods before making a purchase, or just want to enquire about another piece of fishing tackle, then feel free to contact our friendly staff. We have many anglers here at Total Fishing Tackle ready to help you choose your spod rod for your fishing style.