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So, you have decided to take the plunge and buy yourself a set of bite alarms, but where do you start?! Well right here as we take you through a few of the features and functions to look out for. Ready? Let’s go…….

  • 1) Volume, Tone and Sensitivity – most alarms now a days have the ability to adjust all three but some of the more basic models may only have a volume control. The tone is useful if fishing with more than one rod, you can set your alarms to sound differently so when the alarm beeps you instantly know which one it is without looking at it. Sensitivity adjustment can be very useful, and we would highly recommend being able to adjust the sensitivity if you ever find yourself snag fishing or fishing a venue with thick weed. If a fish so much as breathes near your rig, you need to know about it.
  • 2) Drop Back Differential and LED Colour – Some alarms will emit a slightly different sounding noise if the alarm registers a drop back bite where the line is falling slack, usually because a fish has picked up your rig and swum towards you, some anglers like this feature others aren’t fussed, so it’s down to you. LED colour is very much a personal thing but there are advantages and disadvantages too. Red LED’s for example are very good when fishing at night or in bright sunlight, where as White and Yellow don’t seem to show up as much during the day but are brilliant at night.
  • 3) Remote Receiver – In our opinion a remote receiver is a must, they have so many benefits. When you get a bite or the alarm beeps for whatever reason, the signal is instantly sent to small wireless remote receiver that also registers a beep. If you are fishing in close and don’t want to disturb your spots, turn the volume down to silent on the alarm itself and sit yourself well back from the water’s edge with the receiver. They are also great for nipping to the car or the toilet and at night you can have the receiver next to you, so you never miss a bite!

So, there you go a very brief look at a few of main functions you may want to consider.

Don’t forget with some of the alarms you can purchase the alarms themselves and add a receiver later on, saves spending all the money in one hit.

Here at Total Fishing Tackle we carry IN STOCK arguably the best range of bite alarms in the entire country, plus best of all we sell in sets of 2, 3 or 4 plus of course you can buy them individually as well, all at the best prices with outstanding service to match!

Whatever your requirements, we have you covered and if you still aren’t sure what products are best for you, then get in touch and we will put you on the right track. Don’t forget all the products we sell have been carefully chosen as products we would use in our own fishing. If it’s not good enough for you, we don’t sell it!