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Nash - Dwarf Abbreviated 10ft + BP6 Fast Drag Reel

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Product Description  

Nash Dwarf Abbreviated
Select from models ranging from 2.75lb up to the powerful 3.50lb designs in both 9 and 10ft with black low profile shrink grips or go smaller for real up close play with the deadly six foot models for real eye to gill encounters.
Embrace the opportunist fishing lifestyle with this top selling range that just got even better, thanks to fantastic new handles and understated styling.

9 ft models pack down to 44 inches (112cm), 10 ft models to 50 inches (127cm)
Six foot Sawn-Off models retract to 29 inches (73cm)
Ergonomic soft touch rubber reel seat
Reverse mounted anti-frap Lo-fi ringing
Matte black whipping and composite line clip
Flared shrink butt grip
Matte black butt cap with isotope slot

BP6 Reel
The Nash BP-6 offers the casting benefits of a large spool and clinical line lay yet remains brilliantly compact, ideal for Scope and Dwarf rod users and smaller venues.
One turn of the multi-disc drag takes the BP-6 from free spool tension to a fighting drag, clinical Level Wind Lay ensuring long, smooth casting from the CAD aluminium spool. With tough micro engineering, stainless steel bearings, and finished in matte black the BP-6 offers perfect big carp performance in the most compact package yet.
• Matte Black Finish
• Aluminium long cast spool
• Fast drag
• One touch folding handle
• Dual Spot On line clips for precision casting
• Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
• Line guard spool system
• Level Wind line lay
• Oversized line roller reduces line twist
• CNC machined ergonomic handle with isotope slot
• Gear ratio 4.9:1
Spool capacity (mm/yards)
0.28 /273

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