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CC Moore - 1kg Mini Ultramix 1-3mm Pellet

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Product Description  


This devastating mix consists of six high quality fish-attracting pellet products, which have been tried and tested by many anglers over the past few years. Each product used has a protein content in excess of 45%, a particle size ranging from 0.2mm-3mm and has been developed for use in the aquaculture industry. When blended together the resulting mix breaks down at different speeds, leaking powerful attractors and appetite stimulants in the water, constantly pulling fish into the area.

With shrimp meal, fish meal, fish protein and fish oils present in the mix, Mini Ultramix has become one of the most successful pellet products in our range and is ideal for mass baiting or stalking.


To Mini Ultramix, add 20ml/kg Amino Blend 365, 20ml Corn Steep Liquor and 10ml Liquid Shellfish Concentrate the night before a session. Allow this to soak into the mix and then feed it little and often as a stalking or carpet feed.

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