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Tackle and Rig Boxes

Fishing Tackle Boxes

Every angler knows the importance of keeping all their fishing tackle organised is a key aspect of landing more big carp on the bank. As keen anglers ourselves, we know that you want to be spending as much time with your rods out, enjoying the nature as opposed to rummaging around for your tackle accessories buried beneath the mess of your tackle bag. When it comes to tackle boxes and rig boxes, we know that every angler has their own favoured techniques and accessories most suited to their fishing style. That’s why here at Total Fishing Tackle we stock one of the UK’s largest carp tackle box ranges.

Our fishing tackle box designs have been sourced straight from tackle producers themselves with convenience and ease of use at mind for all our anglers, coming in all sorts of cool tackle box shapes and sizes from the best small tackle boxes, to the largest on the market. With top tackle brands including Fox, Nash and Korda, just to name a few, you can rest assure you’ll find a fishing tackle box on our site which meets your expectations and more for housing your cherished tackle collection.
We’ve dedicated time in finding the very best range of tackle box products available for the modern day angler, with all abilities and budgets in mind. From smaller tackle boxes like the Fox Royal System Which are ideal for storing smaller items and collections of tackle for the beginner angler, to much larger tackle boxes like the large Nash tackle box station for experienced anglers who need something to keep a wide selection of tackle safe and organised. There are many tackle box solutions available in todays angling market and we stock many of them on our website.

Whether your looking for a cheaper product like the Nash Shallow Box, a well compact tackle box to fit perfectly in your tackle bag, or a multi function tackle safe with additional draw and slot components for large collections of terminal tackle, we’ve got something for every angler. If you are a keen angler looking to take your organisation and tackle box set up to the next level, or looking to shop for tackle box gift ideas, we have secure locking tackle boxes, clear plastic top and mini clear tackle boxes. Ideal for knowing where all of your tackle essentials are located without having to open various compartments to find out, saving you even more time on the bank. For anglers who love taking part in longer fishing sessions, larger tackle boxes are much more suited as they can be used not only as a tackle box but also as bivvy tables! With a large collection of items its always a good idea to have high quality tackle safes from reputable brands like the korda tackle box.

Fishing Rig Boxes

Here at total fishing tackle we also stock a healthy range of carp rig boxes to keep your chosen rigs safe and secure. All anglers that have learnt the ropes of fishing know the inconvenience of untangling pretied rigs and accessories on the bank. That’s why we now stock a selection of rig boxes to save as much time and effort on the bank as possible. Every angler knows the importance of being flexible and adaptable with your fishing rigs to suit the season, lake bed type, weeds and more. With this in mind, you can buy long rig safe, short mini rig storage cases and chodsafe storage boxes from leading brands including Fox, Korda and Guru.

We cater for all angling disciplines, not only for carp anglers, but if your looking to buy a secure saltwater fishing tackle box for your sea fishing tackle accessories, or after a compact tackle box to keep your fishing lures safe and sharp ready for your next predator session, we have fishing storage boxes from a wide spectrum. To take everything that little bit further, you can shop for fishing tackle seat boxes, ideal for match, coarse or sea fishing anglers keeping all of your fishing tackle gear all in one spot without having to carry an excessive amount of items to have a days fishing session.

If your still not sure what tackle box is for you, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team who are always happy to help. We can inform you with any stage of your order, from initial advice, to placing your order and any further queries you may have once your new tackle box has safely arrived.