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  1. Nash - Shallow Box
    Nash - Shallow Box Options Available
    As low as £7.99 Regular Price £8.99
  2. Nash - Tackle Box
    Nash - Tackle Box Options Available
    As low as £19.99 Regular Price £20.99
  3. Ridgemonkey - Armoury Tackle Box
    Ridgemonkey - Armoury Tackle Box
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £58.99
  4. Korda - Leader Safe
    Korda - Leader Safe Options Available
    As low as £6.99
  5. Korda - Rig Safe Spare Pins
    Korda - Rig Safe Spare Pins Options Available
    As low as £2.75
  6. Fox - F Box Large Single Box
    Fox - F Box Large Single Box
    Special Price £37.99 Regular Price £39.99
  7. Fox - F Box Deluxe Medium Single
    Fox - F Box Deluxe Medium Single
    Special Price £44.99 Regular Price £49.99
  8. Fox - F Box Deluxe Large Single
    Fox - F Box Deluxe Large Single
    Special Price £69.99 Regular Price £79.99
  9. Fox - F Box Deluxe Medium Double
    Fox - F Box Deluxe Medium Double
    Special Price £61.99 Regular Price £69.99
  10. Fox - F Box Double Large Box
    Fox - F Box Double Large Box
    Special Price £41.99 Regular Price £44.99
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32 Products

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Rig & Tackle Boxes

The more organised your fishing tackle is, the less time you have to spend searching through your bits and bobs. Here at Total Fishing Tackle, we stock one of the UK’s largest tackle box ranges so anglers of all abilities can find exactly what they need to store their prize possessions.

When you’re at the bank, the last thing you want to do is spend time rummaging around for your tackle accessories buried beneath the mess of your tackle bag, especially when time is critical before a big catch. As keen anglers ourselves, we know that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the best carp fishing rods and staying organised so stock a range of rig boxes and tackle boxes, helping you find just what you were looking for.

Fishing Tackle Boxes in all Sizes

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to finding the perfect tackle box. This is why we offer a wide range of tackle box products to suit both the traditional and the modern day angler, with all abilities and budgets in mind. For new anglers or those who like to own various fishing tackle boxes for different trips, our smaller collection includes products like the Fox Royal System which suits smaller kits perfectly. If you need a storage solution for a wide selection of unorganised tackle, larger tackle boxes like the large Nash tackle box station are designed for experienced anglers with ever growing collections.

As well as different sizes, our fishing tackle box range goes much further to offer different designs and features. From miniature tackle boxes designed to fit perfectly in tackle bags to a multi-function tackle safe with additional draw and slot components, see what you can find in our impressive collection. Clear plastic top boxes are popular amongst those looking for convenience; helping you find what you’re looking for without having to search through various compartments. If you have built up an expensive kit or are likely to leave your base unattended, we recommend opting for a locking tackle box to ensure your kit is kept secure at all times. If you are heading on a longer fishing trip, a large fishing tackle box can double up as a carp bivvy table, saving you from carrying multiple pieces of kit to achieve the same surface space.

We think a tackle box also makes a great gift idea for the keen angler in your life, being a handy addition to their kit that they are bound to make use of. With so many to choose from, find a tackle box from their favourite brand for a thoughtful gift that they can make use of for years to come.

A Tackle Box From Your Favourite Brand

The numerous designs of our fishing tackle boxes have been sourced straight from tackle producers themselves so you can find all of your favourite brands in one place. With top angling brands including Fox, Nash and Korda to name just a few, we are confident that you’ll find a fishing tackle box which meets your expectations and more for housing your cherished tackle collection.

As well as carp fishing boxes, we cater for all angling disciplines. If you are looking to buy a secure saltwater fishing tackle box for your sea fishing accessories or are after a compact tackle box to keep your fishing lures safe and sharp ready for your next predator session, we have a tackle box for every occasion. To take storage that little bit further, we stock a range of seatboxes which are ideal for match, coarse or sea fishing anglers keeping all of your fishing tackle gear all in one spot without having to carry an excessive amount of luggage.

As well as tackle boxes, we also stock a healthy range of carp rig boxes to keep your rigs safe and secure. There is nothing worse than the inconvenience of untangling pre-tied rigs and accessories on the bank so we stock a selection of rig boxes to save as much time and effort on the bank as possible. Every angler knows the importance of being flexible and adaptable with your fishing rigs to suit the season, lake bed type, weeds and more, so buy long rig safe, short mini rig storage cases and chodsafe storage boxes to keep as organised as possible.

If you would like some expert advice on the best fishing tackle box for you, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team who are always happy to help.