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Zig, Surface & Artificial Bait

Zig rig fishing and surface fishing are two of the deadliest tactics when the conditions are right, but you need to be equipped with the right kit and bait in order to fish these methods as effectively as possible.

Probably the biggest advancement in zig rig fishing has been the introduction of the adjustable zig kits. The key when fishing zig rigs is to find the correct depth where the fish are, sometimes just 1 foot either way can mean the difference between catching and not catching. The adjustable zig kit makes this process much easier.

For something different, take a look at the ESP zig bugs, designed to imitate the various bugs and hatches that the carp are used to seeing, the Zig Bugs are a deadly tactic when the conditions are right!

With surface fishing the key is finesse! Lighter hook links, smaller hooks and precise casting are the methods to success and careful feeding also comes into play.

Bait choice is also important, and the only obvious element is that the bait must be floating!
Dog biscuits have long been the go-to bait but have largely been overtaken by dedicated floating baits designed specifically for floater fishing. Step forward, Nash Bait!

Nash Riser Pellet is a smaller mix of two different size floating pellets soaked in a crustacean liquid that leaks off in the water pulling fish into your swim, being smaller in size the fish will readily eat the Riser Pellet as it imitates a fly hatch. The trickery does not stop there as included in the Riser Pellet are a small percentage of slow sinking pellets that rise and fall through the water pulling fish up from the depths.

Thinking Tackle Top Tip – In the summer months, whenever you are fishing its worth having a bucket of your chosen floating pellets along with a small pouch containing some controller floats, hook link material, hooks and a pair of scissors, stashed away in your car.

Should the opportunity for some floater fishing present itself, then nip back to the car, set up and away you go. There is nothing worse than sitting and watching the fish cruising around in the upper layers, wishing you had some floater fishing gear with you!

For any of you that has seen the Nash Tackle videos, Urban Banx for example, you will no doubt have seen the Nash Bread Bomb in use by Alan Blair, it’s a fantastic method that works so well on those warm days when the fish are sulking in the sun and well worth keeping a couple in your tackle box!

Fake Plastic Corn seems like it has been around for ages and there is now a massive choice of imitation baits available, but the plastic corn is something many anglers’ wont fish without. Not only does it act as a sight stop for the fish to home in on, the buoyant nature of the plastic corn helps to counteract the weight of the hook bait and improve the effectiveness of your rig.

ESP and Korda plastic corn come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit every situation and again, it’s always worth having a bit in your tackle box.