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Historically groundbait is one of the best ways to attract fish into your swim. On a day when the fish are proving hard to catch, groundbait can turn a disaster into a red-letter day.

There are now a wide range of groundbaits designed to serve different purposes for different angling situations. There are heavier more substantial mixes for fishing in the margins, darker coloured groundbaits for when the water is clearer, sweet, savoury, fishy and meaty, there really is a groundbait for every situation.

Whilst groundbait is predominantly a match anglers’ bait, the specimen carp scene has adopted many of the products and evolved them into dedicated mixes for big carp.

The stick mix has been around for a good few years now and is still a devastating tactic on its day, a simple mix of coarse groundbait and some added liquids and attractors to bind it together, put into a stocking mesh PVA bag and compressed the bag or stick, can then be threaded onto your hook link via a special baiting needle and the hook pulled into the bottom of the PVA Stick masking the hook point. Once cast onto your chosen spot the PVA dissolves leaving a small pile of super attractive stick mix around your hook bait. The beauty of a stick mix is that there is very little actual food for the fish to eat, and they can be cast almost anywhere as the hook point is masked, preventing it for catching on any weed or bottom debris.

Sonubaits, Hinders and Dynamite baits are all names synonymous with producing the very best groundbaits and with the majority of the boilie makers now adding stick mixes and groundbaits to their ranges there really is an endless list of potential products and uses.

CC Moore, Sticky Baits, Nash Tackle all have excellent products that accompany their boilie flavours, with stick mixes, solid PVA bag mixes and sloppy spod mixes all available.

On lakes where boilies and pellets or particles dominate, the use of groundbait can be a real difference maker and best of all it will keep unopened for a long, long time.
Even once opened keep it in a air tight bag or box and it will remain fresh as a daisy for months and months.

Have a look through and stick a bag or two in your basket with your next order, give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised!