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We have the power! Quite literally.
Be it AAA, AA, 9 volt or CR2’s we have all the batteries you need to keep your alarms chirping away for months on end!

We recommend changing the batteries in your bite alarms every 6 months and ideally before a long session or trip abroad. The last thing you want is to be caught out overseas with no batteries for your alarms, so a Total Fishing Tackle Top Tip is to always carry spare batteries and pop them in a sealable plastic bag, so they don’t get wet!

As luck would have it, we happen to stock good quality batteries for the majority of the bite alarms we sell, not only that but at great prices too! So next time you place an order, pop a spare set in your basket and save being caught out!

Also, if you are visiting our shop on site, we have a good range of bite alarm batteries and accessories in store, so if you go a bit flat whilst on the bank, pop in and we will have your alarms screaming again in no time!