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Berners Hall Fishery Poultons Lake Review

Poultons Lake often gets overlooked by it's bigger brothers on the Berners Hall Fishery complex so we sent along our resident blogger with a very simple mission, catch some carp and show us how you did it. Here is how he got on.......


Poultons is a lovely intimate venue surrounded Meadow Lake on one side, the Res on the other and the lovely river rodding and rolling Essex countryside behind you. Fully fenced and with only 2 swims, there is a nice feeling of seclusion and intimacy that I quite like. You book the lake exclusively and although there is loads of room for two, it was lovely having the place to myself! There are about 50 carp present from low doubles up to low to mid 30's and in such a small water, you could consider Poultons to be a runs water but a little thought is still required to get a few bites.

The view from behind Poultons Lake, just a beautiful place to be!









I had two 24hr sessions booked a week apart and I arrived for my first session when the whole of the UK was baking in a heatwave! I was due to be on the lake for 11am but left it until much later in the day, I don't like the heat at the best of times, especially not when fishing! I finally pushed through the gate at about 5.30pm and I was greeted by the entire stock of carp sunbathing! This was going to be a challenge but I quickly rigged up a zig on one rod and sent it out near a pack of fish, at least I was fishing while getting everything else set up.

The fish were not going to be up for a big feed so solid bags were my main attack, plus I only had until 11am the next day so I was hoping to nick bites here and there. With no interest on the zig rod I had 3 rods all rigged up with solid bags using the Avid Carp Solid Bag Stems, a short 4 inch braided hooklink and a super sharp size 6 wide gape hook. In the bag were the DNA Baits Crayfish Mini Mix pellets that had been glugged in the matching crayfish liquid. On the hook were DNA Baits Milky Malt dumbell wafters.

A bit of inside info from Korda's Neil Spooner who has fished here a fair bit was that I needed to be 8 foot off the far margin at the bottom of the slope, so with this in mind the three solid bags were spread along the far margin and the traps were set. Almost as if someone has flicked a switch the fish were no longer sunbathing, likely down to the fact that the sun had moved off the water and it wasn't long before my right hand rod was away. A good scrap ensued and an upper double common was soon in the net. With it still being quite warm, I didn't weight the fish but a quick self take was all I needed before sliding her back. Another couple of low 20 mirrors followed and this session was turning into a blinder but a cup of tea was desperately needed so I flicked the kettle on.








Shortly after I was away again and right from the outset this one felt a bit heavier. The fish rolled into the net and on the scales she went 31lb a few ounces, what a result! After a few self takes the fish was back in the water and before dark I added to my tally with a low double mirror.

I ended that session early the next day, I knew a few more bites were possible on the solid bags but the forecast was baking heat again and I was up and gone by 8am but I had another 24hrs next week and I had a good mind what tactics I was going to use!








I barrowed through the gate exactly a week later and I had 3 solid bags ready to plop out into the lake, I switched two rods to the right hand side as that had seen a lot of the fish activity the week before and dropped the third in the left hand margin. Before dark I had two decent fish, both upper twenties and lovely fish to boot, the solid bags doing the business once again.

To cut a long story short I managed another 4 fish and I didn't fish overnight as I was beyond tired. A couple of upper twenties were the highlight, lovely scaley fish that looked stunning. Poultons Lake is a lovely place to waste some time and catch some fish, give the solid bags a go they certainly worked for me!

Good luck if you are heading out on the bank yourself and until next time stay safe.