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Product Information
  • We truly believe in our ‘Better Bait Through Research’ ethos, which has once again led to another progression and step forward within our range of Dedicated Base Mixes with the addition of the greatly anticipated Essential Cell.
  • Essential Cell takes the nutritional technology found to be so successful in the original Cell to a new, unprecedented level. Building upon this knowledge, Essential Cell is once again a bait that cannot be described solely as a protein, fishmeal or birdfood based bait. It is a mix of crucial dietary ingredients and food sources that carp find much easier to convert into energy and condition than standard fishmeal or bird food bases. The result is base mix containing active ingredients designed to react in water regardless of temperature, triggering a sustained feeding response.
  • Yellow in colour with a fruitlike aroma, we are confident that Essential Cell is set to raise the benchmark of bait making once again. How can we be so confident? Well, following an extensive testing period of well over two years prior to release, the results enjoyed by consultants and field testers using Essential Cell have been exceptional. Meaning ‘confidence’ vital to your bait application is already assured.
  • Two of our biggest carp catching baits of all time have been Cell and Activ-8 and now steps within our modern research of bait ingredients has allowed us to draw upon the qualities of these baits and take them to another, new level of bait development. The result, dare we say it is a new ‘super-bait’ aptly named – Hybrid!
  • Hybrid, the latest in our long line of dedicated base mixes, truly is a bait like no other. Take the smell for example, like many of our food source baits you just can’t put your finger on what its is – you just know it smells…well carpy. Being neither an out-and-out fishmeal, high-protein nor bird food type bait; the style of this bait is typified by the name Hybrid. As it is the true combination of the very best ingredients and elements of bait design. It is quite simply the ultimate in carp food and structure to provoke a feeding response at any time of year regardless of water temperature.
  • The original Grange took a place in angling history – and history has repeated itself! Modern research and development had led us to one of the most complete carp foods ever made – New Grange!
  • Using the very latest bait technology available, and working with the most advanced food ingredients, we at Mainline have created the new generation ‘Grange’ bait.
  • The New Grange is designed to not only stimulate, but to sustain the feeding responses of carp in all water temperatures. Underneath the unique savoury taste and active profile is a bait that provides the carp with their entire dietary requirements. Utilising our exclusive protein source ingredients and the triggers that made the original Grange so outstanding we truly believe we have created a new ‘super-bait’. With the outstanding results from waters around the globe confirming this time and time again…
  • Here at Mainline we pride ourselves on our forward thinking and unique ability to stay ahead of the pack, which is exactly what we have achieved with the Cell...
  • The Cell is a completely different type of bait to everything that has gone before it - it’s not a milk protein, fishmeal or birdfood based bait, it is the next step in nutrition technology. Designed to provide a protein source that is easier for carp to convert than fishmeal and birdfood bases that will provoke a sustained feeding response in all water temperatures.
  • Actively field-tested over a two-year period some truly outstanding results were experienced – results in fact that far out reached our own expectations. That is until Cell was released, and every carper of every level and ability who took up this bait took those results to a whole new level. Never seen before in fishing bait development!
  • We are all extremely proud of our achievements at Mainline Baits, a pride that sees us strive forward continuously in the field of bait development, undoubtedly producing some of the finest food source baits available today, and the Fusion is no exception.
  • Fusion is without doubt one of the most complex H.N.V. (High Nutritional Value) style baits we have ever developed. With a fishy-meaty-savoury aroma and low oil content this red-brown coloured bait is also and vitally a genuine all year around bait. Elements made possible by the combination of two reactionary components - one dry and one liquid. To insure easy access to the nutritional and energy aspects of this product and so ensure its effectiveness time and time again…
  • Mainline's reputation of breaking new ground in carp bait technology has never been more apparent than through the release of Activ-8. It is neither a fishmeal, bird food or a milk protein mix but contains eight active ingredients, some of which we believe have not before been used in carp baits.
  • This is a superb all year round bait, being nutritional but easily digested. Fish take to it from the word go, many big fish being caught on the baits first introduction to a water. Its success on all the big fish waters it has been used on is unrivalled. The Activ-8 nicknamed the eight ball, is the only choice for the dedicated carper after big, pressured fish.
  • One of the most popular and cost effective base mixes, comprising a blend of carbohydrates and proteins. As the name suggests it has an extremely high leakage rate, balanced with a neutral flavour and taste. As it has no real 'handle' of its own, it is best used with any or all of the liquid amino based additives, flavours and sweeteners.
  • This bait was designed with busy, well stocked waters in mind and where large beds of bait may be required to keep fish feeding for long periods. It is also ideal for foreign trips where you need an instant reaction and may need to feed a lot of bait, rather than being able to establish a food source.
  • Based on various birdfeeds, milk proteins, high energy sources and water soluble fats, this really is a birdfeed bait with a difference. It has a strong, fruity flavour in the actual base mix giving the bait the ability to overcome what are generally termed 'bottom' smells such as weed and in particular silt.
  • It can be used with any flavours or additives in the Mainline range, and although aimed at the longer-term use, it will invariably catch from its first introduction due to its unique and remarkable smell. A slightly coarser mix than the Yellow Seed it still remains easy to work with and roll. For anglers that use groundbaits for carp fishing, Essential Opal mixed 50/50 with bread crumb will produce a lovely, fruity mix.
  • Using attractors from both the Essential Opal and Liver and Marine Baits, the Essential Fish Mix is a fishmeal different to any others. It contains the powdered feed inducing agents, palatants and the fruity edge of the Opal, making it a great bait even without added flavours.
  • Alternatively the Profile Plus flavours or liquid additives can be used to enhance the smell and taste of the base mix. If fishmeals are being used on your water and you are looking for that 'edge' this is the one to try - a winner since field testing days and still catching wherever it is used. In fact it is so popular that we are forced to produce a readymade on the same base!
  • A unique blend of the finest fishmeals with added high fat energy sources and enriched with vitamins and minerals. It contains the best liver and amino compounds available and they help give the bait a different smell and taste. This was designed to be used on fishmeal dominated waters and be instantly attractive while retaining a significantly different smell and taste for that added edge. Fishmeals are not all the same, as this mix repeatedly proves.
  • A lot has been said about protein baits, many anglers shying away from them in recent years. Mainline have always believed in their effectiveness during the colder months and rather than change the mix to suit what is in fashion, we use only the finest ingredients. It is a blend of the best caseins, lactalbumin, milk and whey proteins and yet retains a high degree of solubility, as well as a few little 'edges' that unique to Mainline.
  • It is a mix that can be used with any liquid additives and rolls very easily indeed. For those anglers who prefer a hard bait or tough hookbaits, a 50/50 mixture of Protein Plus with your other chosen base mix, will result in a much harder and more durable bait.
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