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Urban Baits - Nutcracker Cork Dust Wafters

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Product Description  

The main aim of using a wafter or in laymen terms a slow sinker is to imitate a natural boilie on the bottom. As a group of fish scour the bottom for baits they soon recognise which ones are acting more naturally than others. With this in mind we have come up with a hook-bait that acts totally natural on the bottom and still sends out the food signals of the free baits. The cork dust wafters we sell at Urban baits are made with the same process as our cork dust pop-ups. Using a blend of fresh ingredients and a certain amount of cork dust, we have made a hook-bait that will sink slowly and waft around in the water for days on end. For many years I have made slow sinking hook baits by rolling paste around polystyrene to create the wafting effect but always found they took on too much water. The cork dust wafters on the other hand keep their buoyancy and stay very firm for long periods of time. This in turn leaves the angler feeling confident that his hook-bait is still intact, waiting for the fish to arrive.

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