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TF Gear - Airbomb Spod

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Product Description  

Introducing Airbomb - The revolutionary 'Shotgun Baiting' device that allows you to control your baiting patterns like never before!! 

Airbomb features a unique mid-air opening action to distribute bait exactly where you want it. Tight baiting, spread baiting, snag baiting, floater baiting Airbomb allows you to do it all.

  • Airbomb releases payload in mid-air, creating a shotgun effect bait spread

  • Stealthy no spook baiting operation - Airbomb falls well away from baited area

  • Aerodynamic design maximises casting range

  • Total accuracy every cast

  • Massive load capacity

  • Easy and quick to fill

  • Create vast beds of bait with speed and efficiently

  • Precision bait by drawing over weed gaps and localised feeding spots then jerking rod tip to open

  • No spillage or wasted bait

  • Suitable for all carp fishing baits including boilies, particles and floaters

  • Buoyant and effortless to retrieve

  • Heavy-duty and robust construction - will withstand extreme casting

  • Spreads bait forward in a scattered pattern well beyond the reach of your cast

  • Bait up far margins, snags or islands with no risk of losing Airbomb

  • Confuses nuisance birds and bait eating pests

  • Perfect for floater fishing - release floating baits with no risk of spooking car

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