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Sonik Fishing Gear

Sonik Fishing Gear


Sonik Carp Rods & Fishing Tackle

Sonik are a passionate team of anglers, committed to developing high-quality tackle and equipment at competitive prices. Sonik are a dynamic company bringing innovation and modern thinking to what we all think we know about fishing, particularly with their iconic bite alarms and rods.

Sonik started out focused on producing carp tackle. They have now diversified and are committed to supplying all anglers, no matter their chosen target fish. Sonik are the creators behind the epic Vader rods. In the name of serving a broad range of anglers, Sonik produce rods of all sizes and all capabilities, each intelligentially designed in slim, lightweight materials and ergonomic designs. Remember to choose the size of the rod (available in 6ft, 9ft and 12ft) with the size of the target fish in mind. If you have a favourite venue or are superstitious about your spot, remember to pick a longer fishing rod like the 13ft Sonik Dominator X Carp Rods if you cast longer distances.

Sonik is a fantastic brand for beginners just getting excited about fishing, because you can buy quality gear at competitive prices. A good rod length for beginners is around 7 foot, because you can feel balanced and still cast a fair distance.

The Vadar range have demonstrated impressive performance and fantastic results for both serious competitors and causal weekend anglers; the Dominator X Carp Rod ensures you maintain control and smooth, progressive cast action for precise targeting.

Sonik ensure you can match your rod with a reel, too. The Sonik AVX 10000 Surf Reel can be used with the larger rods for super smooth lay line at ultra-long distances. Despite the extremely competitive price point, Sonik still value their aesthetic. Both rods and reels are stylishly outfitted in carbon or graphite black with wooden compliments, so even if you aren’t performing well, your weapon of choice still looks sleek!

Sonik SKS Alarms

With such a keen commitment to producing competitive fishing tackle, it’s no surprise that the Sonik SKS alarms are quite so popular. We all know alarms can be expensive, but Sonik believe in making high quality fishing tech for all budgets. The SKS bite alarms are small, perfect for storage and discretion, and easy to use, so even a novice can catch like a professional.

The bite alarms are set onto the pod and the line is threaded through the roller. The receiver will make a noise when you get a nibble. Bite alarms are an absolute essential for night fishing, as you can still get some sleep without fear of missing your catch. In fact, the Sonik SKS 3 Rod Bite Alarm Set comes with a free light that will illuminate your bivvy so you don’t have to do the mad dash for the alarm in the dark. The SKS 3 bite alarm also has three different lights which makes it even easier to know which rod in your pod has had a bite.

Although Sonik are low-cost, they are still high tech. You can adjust the sensitivity on the SKS alarms to make sure you are notified of every nibble; an adjusted sensitivity can also improve your catch rate!

For more information or advice before you buy, get in touch with the team here at Total Fishing Tackle. We are all angler’s ourselves and would always recommend products we would buy ourselves!