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Shimano - Tribal XS-1 Carp Rod

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Product Description  

Shimano Tribal XS1 and XS1 Intensity Rods,

The XS1 is the result of extensive testing to produce one of the slimmest but most responsive rods. New technology has enabled Shimano to produce a blank that will instantly recover after the cast, contributing to distance and accuracy whilst retaining a perfect playing curve.

The powerful HPC200 carbon blanks and reel seat combine strength and lightness, while the slightly tapered detail of the rear grip, stainless engraved butt cap and understated graphics sets this rod off from the competition in the looks department.

Two Intensity versions are also available for the experience caster along with both a Marker and Spod version. All models fitted with a 50mm butt ring to aid distance casting.

High Pressure Carbon: During the heating process of any rod or pole the resin can be pushed to the surface of the blank which may cause an uneven distribution, resulting in weak spots. With High Pressure Carbon (HPC), pressure is applied to the blank during the heating process, forcing the resin to remain inside and ensuring an even spread. The result is amazing, creating a blank which can be up to 40% stronger than blanks made without HPC.

Biofibre: Adding Biofibre reinforces the carbon fibres in all directions. This gives outstanding strength, shock resistance, lightness and power.

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