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Shimano - Exage FD Coarse Reel

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Product Description  

Shimano Exage FD Reel

The Exage reel, part of Shimano’s P4 collection, is one of the most popular reels ever produced, with over a million copies sold worldwide (and counting). Shimano has re-mastered this incredibly successful model to include all the features the modern angler has come to expect from a top quality reel. The new Exage FD is constructed from XGT-7 and has an ‘M’ body which is both sleek and compact. The body of the reel contains four stainless steel ball bearings, all of which are shielded to create an incredibly smooth and reliable performance.

The Exage FD reel features all the technology you would expect from a Shimano reel of this calibre. Dyna-Balance works to reduce reel wobble to an absolute minimum, providing you with an incredibly smooth performance. The Super Stopper II system aids the mirco-incremental settings if quiver tips and bite indicators, as well as allowing for faster hook setting, by ensuring that you won’t find free-play on the handle when the reel is set into anti-reverse mode. The Exage FD features a cold forged aluminium spool. The V-shaped lip of this spool ensures the line comes off in much smaller loops than a standard reel, giving more accurate casting over much longer distances. This deisgned feature is called AR-C, and it also significantly reduces the risk of backlash.

The Exage FD comes in four sizes: Shimano has ensured there is an Exage FD reel out there for all kinds of anglers and the reel covers the majority of general, spinning, and match situations. The entire reel is finished with champagne and gold graphics, making this reel look just as classy as it feels. It’s a far cry from the understated black reels plaguing the market today, and the Shimano Exage FD will ensure you stand out from the crowd in all the best ways.

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