Shimano - Aero 4000 Feeder FA

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Product Description  

The Aero Concept reel with the highest gear ratio (5,8:1) especially adressed for medium to long range distance feeder anglers. This reel will bring in 104cm of line with each full handle turn. It’s oversized spool powered by the A-RC line management system will make feeders fly like bullets. This reel comes with 1 extra cold forged alluminium spool and 2 shallow line reducers making different line set-ups easy.

• X-ship providing rigidity and tremendous amount of crancking power
• 5,8: 1 gear ratio in combination with an Oversized A-RC Spool & Rotor for high speed retrieve 
• Machined Aluminimum Single T-shap handle for easy winding
• Aero Wrap II for superb line lay with thin braided lines allowing further casts
• 1 extra cold forged aluminium spool

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