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Urban Baits - Strawberry Nutcracker Boilies

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Product Description  

We’re very excited about it and our trusted Field Testers have been using it now for a number of months, really putting it to the test during the off-seasons… and with tremendous results already! We knew it was good, now a small selection of serious anglers are saying the same. Bet you cannot wait to give it a try too?! We’re thrilled that it’s going down so well and cannot wait for it to be on general release to Carp anglers up and down the land in the coming Spring of 2018.

About our NEW Urban Bait Strawberry Nutcracker:
The Strawberry Nutcracker has the most wonderful sweet smell to it. The subtle Strawberry Ester flavour, mixed with the sweetness of the Nutcracker base mix, makes it irresistible to carp and many other species of freshwater fish.

The mixture of freshly ground Tiger nut, milk proteins and cereals ensures it is also very nutritious for the fish. In addition, the great texture is easy for them to eat and break down. As such it is both an instant bait and great for long term baiting campaigns.

In short, the Strawberry Nutcracker works all year round.

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