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Prologic - 3D Mimicry Jungle Braid


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It took more than one year to close the development and to fine tune the braided version of our world famous Mimicry 3D Camo line concept, but we did it! This high-end braided mainline will amaze you with its performance, thanks to the ultra-tight woven structure it features an incredible smoothness. This, combined with the special lubricant coating process used provide a very homogeneous and tight braid that makes wind knots just a bad memory. Available in 400m and 1200m spools the Mimicry Jungle braided line is the ultimate solution to fish long and extreme range both for casting or dropping your rigs from the boat at extreme distance.

The specific 8 strands structure of this braid combined with the outer coating treatment also increases significantly the abrasion resistance making it suitable to fish areas with dangerous snags. The combination of the high density fibres, the tight woven structure and the outer treatment makes this braided line heavy almost like a normal monofilament, providing a neutral to slow sinking ratio.

Eight strand braid
Outer lubricant coating process
Ultra smooth surface
Neutral-slow sinking ratio
High abrasion resistance
Mimicry Jungle pattern with shades of dark green and brown
Easy to cast, no wind knots

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Prologic - 3D Mimicry Jungle Braid

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