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PB Products - Skinless


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Product Description  

Coated leader material with an extremely rigid outer jacket and a flexible, braided inner core. The rigid coating is easy to remove so that everyone can easily produce a super effective combi ring.

The rigid nature of the outer jacket ensures that it is practically impossible to get confused during the insertion process. In addition, the soft and extremely knot resistant inner core will easily fold around the carp's mouth to give the hook point the chance to grab meat. Skinless is available in the
colors gravel, silt and weed so that you can always respond to the different surfaces. The smooth inner core is of course also colored. This unique material can be combined with almost any hook type, with hooks with a straight line being our recommendation. Such a rigid underline material can be combined particularly well with Helicopter and Chod Rig systems in combination with bottombaits.
Before you start processing the cut-to-size piece of Skinless, it is best to take the material through a bowl of hot water and stretch it. This makes the material nice and tight and dimensionally stable. You can best store knotted underlines in a rigbox. Skinless is fast sinking.
Skinless is available in the colors Gravel, Weed and Silt so that you can respond to differently colored soil structures.

Available on spools of 20 meters in 15 and 25 lb and in the colors Gravel, Silt and Weed.


-very stiff coating


-matt coating with the same color inner core

ideal for combi rigs

-the perfect "keeper"

Tip: to get Skinless nicely straight, we advise you to steam the line for a while or to keep the line in hot water. This makes the rigid coating perfectly straight!

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