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Solar - Mixmaster Bait Liquids


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Regular Price: £11.99

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Product Description  

  • This ester-based, concentrated flavour is the perfect addition to any fruity or pop-up recipe. Being an ester it works in all water temperatures and is not denatured by the boiling process of the baits. Ester Strawberry is one of the ingredients of our Jacko pop-ups, where it's been producing take after take for years.

  • Used in a number of Solar Bait recipies, Club & Cream and Dairy Cream for example, this smooth, creamy flavour is the perfect addition to both sweet and savoury baits. Being an ester flavour it works perfectly right through the year and is not denatred by the boiling of the baits.

  • A potent mixture of pear and banana ester flavours, this is one of the key liquid ingredients to the incredibly popular Top Banana baits. With a strong, smooth banana aroma this is a popular additive to many fruity baits and pop-up recipies.

  • Arguably the most successful bait additive ever used in carp fishing... it really is that good. The renowned Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer iwas originally designed to induce feeding and therefore promote growth in Koi Carp, and as such is something they will never 'tire' of eating and will never 'blow'.

  • A sweet, ester-based flavour that can be added to ANY boilie recipie to give it an extra edge. It can even be used as a hook bait dip and for soaking artificial baits, which proves popular through the colder months. Being ester-based, this liquid enhancer works impecibly in all water temperatures and is not denatured with the boiling process of the baits into which it's incorporated.

  • Candy Sweetener is the only sweetener to contain Talin, the sweetest natral product known to man. It has no bitter after taste and provides exceptional tatse-enhancing properties to any bait. It works extremely well with fish/savoury mixes as well as the more obvious fruity and creamy baits.

  • This amino-packed liquid is a superb addition to ANY bait recipe, sweet and savoury. It's used in many of the Solar bait recipies and, if used as a hook bait dip/soak, will harded your baits as well as give them a boost.

  • One of the all-time classic flavours, Ester Pineapple needs no introduction. With pineapple pop-ups still one of carp fishing's most popular baits and with this flavour being one of the key liquid ingredients to our Pineapple Secret range, this is one of the best selling liquid flavours Solar produces.

  • Concentrated Mixmaster flavour for rolling your own baits and hook baits. The Secret is the orginal, Solar Tackle recipe, with a blend of fruit attractors and sweetners. This is perfect for year-round use, and also for rolling some very special cold-water hook baits.

  • Quench Mixmaster is a special combination of [ML09] - Esterblend 12 , [ML01] - Ester Strawberry and [ML15] - Ester Pineapple Ester Pineapple, resulting in one of the most outstanding fruit flavours that you will ever use. Formulated specially to complement the Quench base mix, but equally as effective in any base mix including our Top Banana Base Mix. As with all the Solar bait range, Quench is instantly attractive yet also effective for long-term use throghout the year.

  • Fresh Smoked Salmon comes from the same source as Solar's renowned [ML06] - Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer and is produced from concentrated, fresh, smoked salmon. Added to any base mix, this gives a taste profile never before achieved, but when used in conjunction with savoury mixes such as [CFC1] - Club Mix Base Mix it produces absolutely devestating baits for use in winter and summer alike.

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Solar - Mixmaster Bait Liquids

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