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Nash - NXT D Cam Mono Mainline 1000m

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Product Description  

Performance of line cannot be compromised, and so exacting are the standards Kevin Nash sets that when the legendary Bullet mono became unavailable, hundreds of samples from all over the world were rejected year after year until a line could be made that met Kevin’s strict demands. NXT D-Cam is that line, a line that unbelievably surpasses the original Bullet.

Smooth, supple, very long casting and more importantly user friendly on the reels, NXT D-Cam mono boasts high knot strength and outstanding abrasion resistance. With the added benefit of the Nash D-Cam Diffusion Camouflage it’s an unbeatable package.

Kevin’s early trials with NXT D-Cam also revealed the line was an incredible sinker – and fished slack needed to be plucked out of silt and weed on the retrieve so keenly does it sit on the bottom and blend in to its surroundings.

‘I was beginning to panic as my stock of Bullet was running out,’ admits Kevin. ‘Now I'm delighted, I've got the abrasion resistance, excellent knot strength and reliability of my old Bullet but with the benefits of Diffusion Camo and fast sinking – it doesn’t get better than that!’

Key Features:

Tough, long casting and low visibility – the ultimate big carp line
Fast sinking for the most effective slack lining possible
Proven Diffusion Camo finish for improved concealment
Available in 12, 15 and 18 lb
1000 metre spools

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