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Nash - Instant Action Shelf Life Boilies 200g

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Product Description  

Instant Action 200 gram, 1 kilo and 2.5 kilo bags of boilies contain free Airball pop-ups, making them great value as well as great fish catchers.

Pineapple Crush
It's the unstoppable combination of pineapple boosted with Butyric Acid. One of three brilliant new baits using the proven Instant Action aggressive leak off, high digest base mix formulation.

Liver & Garlic
Meaty and savoury with added garlic oil - mouthwatering!

One of the most complex Instant Action recipes, arrived at through testing pop up attractor blends - this one was too good not to put out, it's a bites machine!

Coconut Creme
Sweet, creamy and with a mouth watering confectionery taste and smell, bright white Coconut Crème is a high attract winner all year round.

Tangerine Dream
Open the bag and it’s impossible not to thread one of these mouth watering boilies on. Tangerine oil palatant and the legendary tutti combine in a modern classic.

Crab & Krill
A deep red fishmeal and milk derived bait with krill, crab and lobster oil.

Tandoori Spice
The tremendous under the radar big fish spice blend used by Gary Bayes and select Nashbait testers, now available to everyone for the first time in Tandoori Spice

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