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Nash - Fast Melt PVA Bags

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Product Description  

Specifically developed for Nash, Fast Melt Bags do exactly what they say, breaking down quickly and reliably even in cold water but with superb properties to make them as user friendly as possible.


Extra strong to prevent splitting on impact and made from lightly perforated film to ensure air is easily removed and bags sink quickly, Fast Melt Bags are supplied with a micro coating that prevents them sticking to each other and ensures they can be opened and filled more easily than standard solid bags even in damp conditions where others fail.

Four sizes cover every application from tiny feed parcels containing leads and rigs designed for extreme range work to large groupings of feed to punch amongst dead lilies and weed.

Extremely easy to fit over the bivvy, it also provide extra 70cm in the front, a precious extra space to safely store your gear and to keep it protected from sun and rain.


210D Rip-stop fabric 100% waterproof

Heavy duty multi aligner metallic pegging point

Total weight 4.5kg

Bag and heavy duty pegs included

Dimensions: 360mm x 190mm x 50mmAction Station Essentials Organiser


Featuring a unique 3-way adjuster and designed to be attached to any bivvy rib, bankstick, trolley, chair leg or storm pole, the Action Station provides a whole new meaning to the word organised ? it allows you to have all of your essential terminal tackle to hand at a place and height of your choosing. The latching lid provides your kit with shelter from the elements, and the quick release fitting allows the entire unit to be removed from the clamp and used as a normal tackle box if required.


Dimensions: 360mm x 190mm x 50mm



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