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Matrix - Bulldog 42" Landing Net



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Product Description  

We are pleased to say that the eagerly awaited replacement for our original Bulldog net is now ready.

The New Bulldog 2 42” net takes the original model a step forward, we have utilised the same Harrison made carbon which gives us unequalled strength and reliability, however we have redesigned the block, this new block is smaller and lighter than the original one and also most people will find it easier to assemble. The block now features an engraved M on one side and an isotope slot on the other, the slot will accept one of our Dinky Iso’s. 

This new net is incredibly stiff which means when netting fish you can lift the net round the fish without the handle and arms bending double under just the weight of the wet mesh, we have designed this so that you can move it through the water and “scoop” fish easily, a must when fishing alone and netting fish one handed 

The net comes with a 6’ handle, a high quality UK made mesh which is deep enough for retaining a fish in yet not so deep that it is a pain when netting fish over weed etc. The complete net weighs in at less than 600gms which to our knowledge makes it the lightest net available.

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