Kryston - Styx Time Lock Rubberised Rig Glue

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Kryston - Styx Time Lock Rubberised Rig Glue

Most super glues on sale have one major shortcoming, in a split second they instantly lock up. Before you know it that small intricate item you have been carefully trying to position ends up permanently stuck in the wrong place! You cannot reposition it you have run out of time.

Styx Time Lock provides the perfect solution to this problem, a rubberised rig glue with a built in delay. Before fully curing it gives you those vital extra few seconds to adjust and move the item perfectly into place for a precise secure fit.

Simply apply a small amount with the brush, move the item into position and allow a few seconds to fully cure. Ideal for bonding PVC, plastic, rubber and many other rig components in exactly the right spot every time.

Styx Time Lock

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