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Product Description  

Klin-ik Shield is a high viscosity gel that acts as an antibacterial plaster for all species of fish. When applied correctly the gel is remarkably resilient to water and will not instantly wash off. Shield is specifically formulated to bond to tissue and remain in place for a considerable period of time. In tank test the gel was evident 72 hours after application. Easy to apply it can be used on its own or for the very best results used in conjunction with Klin-ik Solution.

What does it do?
Shield creates a robust barrier to protect newly exposed tissue. Once applied it prevents harmful bacteria and micro parasitic organisms from attacking the wound and taking root. Shield offers the perfect medication to treat damaged fins, recent scale loss, and fresh body lesions, post spawning damage and hook holds. Any recent external body damage will greatly benefit from the treatment of Shield and help promote new growth.

How do you use it?
Before application remove excess moisture by using a soft tissue to gently dry the intended area. Apply a small amount directly to the wound. Using finger or cotton bud spread the gel to form a thin robust lasting barrier.

Why should I use it?
Shield has all the ingredients of Klin-ik but produced in an extremely sticky gel base. It will not penetrate effectively to the base of hook holds as efficiently as Klin-ik solution, which is why it makes the perfect secondary treatment. Shields superb adhesion to tissue ensures the barrier will remain on the fish long enough for the medication to be effective.

Klin-ik solution will completely sterilize the intended area in seconds. For hook-holds and hard to reach places first sterilize with a few drops of Klin-ik solution before applying Shield. Klin-ik solution is an extremely searching medication that will penetrate and cleanse right down to the base of the hook-hold ensuring it is completely sterilised. Kryston Klin-ik and Shield are the only products on the angling market guaranteed to contain the essential proven ingredients to combat damage to fish and contain the following powerful medicinal solutions and agents.

Klin-ik Shield Availability - 25ml Bottles
* With normal amounts used one bottle will treat over 100 fish.

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